An Hours Worth in 50 Minutes

An Hours Worth in 50 Minutes

16 of south Charlotte’s strongest pax kicked the fartsack in the teeth and leapt into the literal gloom this morning for Stonehenge.  A smaller group of pax showed up for Honey Bee’s preschool at 0530. Rather than blocks and crayons, this one featured kettle bells.  Strong work fellas.  Thanks for allowing YHC to shorten the workout to make it to my daughter’s early soccer game.

The Thang

Little baby jog to an adjacent parking lot for COP.

– Squats x 15
– Merkins x 10
– SSH x 25
– Peter Parker x 10
– Parker Peter x 10

Jog over to Ledge Lake

Round 1
– Dips, Merkins and Step Ups all x 20
Lap around Lake

Round 2
– LBCs, Jump Squats, Merkins all x 20
Half lap around lake
Burpees OYO until all pax arrive

Circle up for Mary
– LBC x 25
– Slow Squat x 10
– Dying Cockroach x 10
– Burpees x 10
– HTH/LBC Ladder (2 HTH/4LBC, 4/8, 6/12)

Jog to adjacent parking lot
– Lunge walk across bridge
– Plankorama to gather pax

Split into two groups of 8 for relay races
– Rolling merkins to next median (about 30 yards)
– Bear crawl back
While waiting turn, LBC, Dolly, Rosalita, Flutter, etc. by pax
major crowdpleasr

Little baby jog to Field of Bulls
Same 8-man teams
– Tunnel of Love relays down to Bull and back (about 40 yards)

Little baby jog to Medical Loading Dock
– People’s Chair x 1:30
– People’s Chair x 1:00 with arms above head

Jog back to launch with all you got sprint intervals thrown in
Pushorama until all pax arrive


– Great work by everyone, we literally never took a break today
– Kotters to Camacho, great to have you back out in the gloom
– Tclaps to Honey Bee and others on a solid 30 minute KB workout as an appetizer

– Congratulations to Market Timer and family on birth of new child this week. Keep them in your prayers.
– Mud Run – trying to get more SCLT pax to do the run in the spring. Check website and weekly email for details.
– New Wednesday workout at Providence Day School. Site Q’s are Bulldog and Double D’s.
– F3 SCLT Christmas Party December 7 at Tiger Rag’s lair. See Baracus for details.
– F3 SCLT Panthers Game Party on 11/10 at Fox and Hound. Panthers vs. 49ers.

Great job taking us out with prayer by Blowhole.

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Honey Bee
Honey Bee
10 years ago

Those that attended Honey Bee’s Preschool were Bratwurst, Mic Check, and Strange Brew. Camancho didn’t mean to attend but showed up early for regular school and got an extra credit session instead. Strong work brothers!

I agreed with the consensus that a 5:30 session before Stonehenge should become a regular occurrence. I have inquired with the powers that be.

Market Timer
Market Timer
10 years ago

Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers, and kind words over the last few weeks. Very much appreciated.

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