Who needs to begin with a circle?

Who needs to begin with a circle?

11 pax including 1 FNG decided to not fartsack on a warm Halloween gloom and see what YHC had in store. No one showed up in a costume, but there were some comments about YHC being a joker regarding his workout scheme.
Jog in front parking lot to end 20 Merkins OYO.
Jog to other end front lot 20 military Merkins
Jog to other end front lot 10 diamond Merkins.
Jog to benches
20 jump-ups
20 CDD
20 step ups. Plank with r and l arm high.
Repeat with 10 jump ups, 10 CDD and 20 step ups. Plank.
SSH x25 in cadence.
IW x25 in cadence
Jog to wall back of school
People chair 90 sec
Everyone on one side for BTTW ladder. First in line bear crawls 10 yds to other wall, then back. Next person goes when person ahead of them reaches first wall. Shoulders were feeling rubbery after this.
People’s chair 60’sec
10 Burpees OYO
LBC x25 in cadence
Dolly x25 in cadence
People’s chair 60’sec with arm presses
10’burpees OYO
Jog to back lot for The Fan.
Start at sidewalk, for 3 stations(each hoop) jog back to starting position for 5 Burpees
Station 1= 20 Russian twists
Station 2= 20 Parker peters
Station 3= 20 peter Parker’s
Repeat without the Burpees
Jog to side of school for 10 Merkins at each pole, 8 poles.
Back to start and circle up for LBC and Rosalita x25 in cadence

Great work by the whole pax. My intention was to mix it up, I think this was accomplished. As we started our jog/Merkins, wingman comes flying in. He owed us some Merkins and pushed those out during the bench work. Nice work brother. I think I may have also heard a comment “about time ” when we finally did SSH. Like I said, trying to mix it up some. As for the BTTW ladder, this needs some work or people need to just move faster. Either way great job. That was a painful attempt at a new workout.
Thanks for allowing me to lead you on this Halloween gloom.

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