Greyhound – F3 Legend

Greyhound – F3 Legend

19 young men and one 75 year old badass named Greyhound took on Hydra today.

The Thang:

-Jog 2 laps around mini track.

-Alternating wide arm and diamond merkins.

-Jog to transition area (T-Ball field) and partner up.

-Man A runs to bleachers at concession stand and completes 25 dips and 15 wall jumps then runs back to transition area.

-Man B runs to playground and completes 15 pull ups (or knees to chest)  and 25 LBC’s then runs back to transition area.

-At transition area each 2 man team completes a team total of 50 merkins then flapjacks.  Run circuit for 30 minutes non stop.

-Circle up for burpee Jack Webb’s (1 burpee, 4 shoulder presses up to 6, 24).

-6 MOM: LBC’s, dollies, slow Peter Parkers on back, slow bicycle.

-Indian Run back to parking lot for COT.


-Anyone who has posted at Hydra over the past 2 months or so has been introduced to Greyhound.  He has become a Hydra regular and is one of the toughest and fittest 75 year olds that many of us will probably ever meet.  So as Q this morning I knew that I was going to pick Greyhound to be my partner.  His response to me was “I’ll try my best to keep up with you”.  He did not let me down.  He is not the fastest runner out there, but takes anything the Q’s throw at him and he always pushes himself to the limit as can be seen from the sweat.  When coming into the transition area each time I would tell him how many more merkins we needed to get to 50 and his response to me was “yes sir!” A couple of times he even tried to do more merkins than our team needed!  It’s amazing and inspiring to see a man old enough to be your father and even grandfather to some come out and make his weekly downPAINment.  This morning he even asked what the F3 workout schedule was on Thanksgiving day!  So the the question is… If a 75 year old can post every Thursday… why can’t you (YHC included)?  Take that fartsackers!

-Thanks for the inspiration Greyhound!  Hopefully I can make it another 30 years and will join you for an F3 workout when I’m 75.  See you in the gloom.

-Strong effort out there today by all.  Happy Halloween!


-New Wednesday workout starting next week at Providence Day School.  Double D’s and Bulldog are Q’s.  Check website and Twitter for more info.

-Workout on November 10th honoring the Marine Corps birthday at Myers Park High School.  Gunny will be Q.


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Iron Horse
10 years ago

Great workout 49er – constant motion. I’m reporting you to Runstopper’s for abuse of the Jack Webb…Burpees don’t belong there. We’ve introduced the new call-out for Greyhound and the few others in his category, like Angler: “respect” does not do him justice, so for the over-70 group, they get “Shock and Awe!”. T-claps for continuing to show us the way Greyhound.

10 years ago

GREAT workout Niner. And you are right on about Greyhound. What an inspiration.

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