There’s nothing wrong with an impromptu touch of the nibbler…

There’s nothing wrong with an impromptu touch of the nibbler…

YHC managed to be 2 minutes late (running theme these days), as the “Go” Juice took on an additional meaning in the wee hours of the morning! (TMI?) That said, it still gave me the stated benefit of getting the ole’ bod charged up for a smokin’ at Basecamp (the only known workout that may soon petition for a name change… for clarity, moderate does not mean “easy”).

On arrival, YHC finds that the scheduled Q had to sub-out (due to an “F3 trophy”/injury; prayers lifted for healing) AND Long Distance had to sub-in for his sophomore Q at the ‘Camp’. And a smokin’ LD audibled to bring to 13 strong PAX on a Monday AM.

The Thang:

Warm up:

20X SSH -> IW-> 10X Merkins -> 10X Mountain Climbers


To the track: ndian run around the track

 To the starting line: 10 squats, run to the end of the bleachers, 10 more squats run backwards back

Next: 10 lunges, karaoke to the end of the bleachers 10 lunges karaoke back Plank up

 Circle up for The Circle of Burpee BYOM (Bring your own Mary/other)


12X Flutter with 1X burpee

12X Mason Twist with 2X burpees

12X Hells to Heaven with 3X burpees

12 X Dolly with 4X burpees

12X LBC with 5X burpees

12X rosalita with 1X burpees

12XFreddy Mercury with 2X burpees

12X Merkins with 3X burpees

12X Back scratchers with 4X burpees

12XBudda situps with 5X burpees

12X Flutter again with 1X burpee

12X Nibbler merkins (do a push up then touch your L “nibbler” then pushup followed by the R “nibbler” touch)

 Back to the track: Indian Run number 2 around the track

 To the field: Circle up again for Mr. Jack Webb

 1 merkin 4 air presses

up to

10 merkins and 40 air presses

(Yes, we said “ladder to 10”;  Nice for moderate, eh)


Back to the track

Lung walk 75 meters then bear crawl 75 meters

Jailbreak to the circle up!

Work out completed

How do you like that for “Base Camp”… go Long Distance!!!

Announcements: Mudrun, Christmas party, Football view party,  race in Rock Hill in Jan for rock thrills brother.

Prayers lifted… a most appropriate send off for a heckuva workout.

SPECIAL THANKS to Long Distance on received catch of Q-ing on audible AND to Fireman Ed for tagging with YHC on the backblast!


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Mall Cop
10 years ago

Wow, There was nothing lower intensity about Base Camp this morning with Long Distance on Q! Great job and way to bring it. I like to visit different workouts from time to time and it had been a while since I had posted at Base Camp. Great work by all the pax today. Greyhound is always an inspiration, especially doing a half mile of Indian Runs around the track.

There was even mumble chatter of a rename for Long Distance to “Run Stopper Jr” today as he took the pax to work with a full Jack Webb Ladder, then 1/8 of a mile of Bear Crawl and Lunge Walk.

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