Where are the special guests??

Where are the special guests??

With the promise of photogs lurking and a chance to be a local media superstar, 14 posted in the frosty gloom.  YHC forgot his hat, but we warmed up quick.

COP @ Northwest Stonehenge
SSH x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Imperial Walker x 20

Mosey across 521 to Northeast Stonehenge
Jack Webb up to 5, back down to 1

Jog to soccer field with 20 yd lunge walk and 20 yd broad jumps on the way
On the field: 10 merkins, sprint across field, 10 merkins, sprint back
20 plank in-&-outs, sprint across field, 20 plank in-&-outs, sprint back
30 mountain climbers, sprint across field, 30 MCs, sprint back

To the Premier deck:
Peoples chair; hold, then press x 50
Bear crawl across, 10 merkins, bear crawl back
Crab walk across, 10 merkins, crab walk back
(slowly starting to get feeling back in hands)

Burpee Mary ladder:
2 burpees, sprint up ramp, flutter x 20
jog around corner
4 burpees, sprint up ramp to level 2, Heals to Heaven x 20 by Haggis
6 burpees, sprint to level 3, LBCs x 25 by Honey Bee
8 burpees, sprint to level 4, Dolly x 20

Down the steps, mosey to Aloft Hill for 6s: Merkins at the bottom, squats at the top

Mosey back to home to meet with Ballantyne Magazine photographers who requested some action
shots and pics of Haggis with his Dick Tracey watch.  Confusion ensues, its too dark for photos, so
mosey to nearby lot to wrap up.

Peter Parker Merkins x 10
Soft Pretzel calls for The Nippler x 15
Russian Twists x 20

Back home, COT, out

The cold weather gear was dusted off and made its first appearance of the season, but no worries.
There was a special request by Ballantyne Magazine to take some actions shots of the pax this a.m. for  article in upcoming print edition.  Haggis will have a brief cameo discussing his Nike watch, and
YHC, Soft Pretzel, and Honey Bee stayed after coffeeteria to join in the comedic photoshoot.  Good times.
Reminder to all to consider gloves during the cold months, lest you find your hands completely numb
and that makes for a brutal morning in the gloom.

Get Mud Run teams signed up for April.  Contact Stagecoach.  Do not sign up through Mud Run site.
Joe Davis 5k and convergence is Jan 4.  Details on F3nation.com
Dates for Christmas party (Dec 7 @ TR’s) and Panther game 2nd F event (Nov 10 @ Fox & Hounds)

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