7 Pax braved the sub 32 degree temps at #F3DayZero and probably wished they hadn’t…..not only because the workout was treacherous but also because of the visual nightmares they will have this evening from the #greenmorph.

The Thang

Radar emerged from the back of McAlpine Elementary School ready to roll in his green suit with paparazzi snapping pics everywhere.  “You can’t see me,” he says.  “Let’s roll”.  Well wait…now arrives Semi Gloss sliding into the parking lot with just enough time to rip off (literally) his pre 1989 sweat suit and now we are off.

Medium pace jog from McAlpine past the Touchstone Rose.

Indian Run – none of this slow mosey BS  – roughly 1.5 miles?


Run up to the light post – 10 diamond merkins / down to the bottom – 1 squat jump (9:2, 8:3 etc)

Plank work

With the hill located right next to Radar’s house, there conveniently lies a (60-70 lb) punching bag leaning up against the mailbox.

All pax jog with one carrying the bag –

Every 30 seconds – stop and do called exercise x 20 (merkins, CDD etc)

For every car that passed by – 10 burpees which added up to a lot and Q had to rethink strategy because the lack of O2 deprivation was becoming paramount.

Continue to parking lot – one pax ran around the parking lot with the bag while the others – bear crawled backwards – stop – 20 CDD – Sprints. Switch to new pax and more running and fun.

Head back to the filed at DZ, circle up – everyone do squats and one person cage match with the bag for 1 minute.  Apparently this is the new MARY for Day Zero.


Well, lets just say that the green jump suit that Q was sporting elicited a wide away of comments from the Pax and continued throughout the workout. There was mention of shorts or a cup for the Q if this suit continues to make a presence.  The Semi-gloss slide in at the last possible minute to join received multiple reprimands (thank God he wasn’t wearing boy shorts). The jog was long and painful and the hill sucked…especially if you were running behind or running towards Q. T-Claps to Haze for making it out after just getting over the flu..sniff sniff.  dammit..  Jamboree thanks for making us feel less like men because of the double post that you did today….and your 47….CRAP. Small group today, the cold is starting to make more fart sacks out there.  Bring it!!!


You know if you know. 




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10 years ago

Ha. I wish I looked that tall in a green suit. Or any suit. I am more squaty and fuller in certain places. Jamboree was killing it out there. I hope to grow up to be him. Another highlight was NBA break always. Haze hit them first and then semi gloss showed him how it is done. Good times.

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