Ani-maul mayhem

Ani-maul mayhem

12 brave men (including 1 FNG) woke from warm cozy fartsacks to endure some cold and wet pain management Monday morning. YHC had 2 special surprises waiting as well.  

1 lap around parking lot. Swing by YHC’s vehicle for surprise time. BRICKS!!!

Circle up
Ssh w/bricks x10
Merkin w/bricks x10
IW x15 no bricks
Mtn climbers w/bricks x 10
Slow squat w/bricks x 10
Man maker merkins w/bricks x10
Seal jacks no/bricks x10
Push press w/bricks x10

Set the bricks aside and… Hit the bricks. Mosey to track. Take a lap

Line up in endZone. Time for animal suicides. Partner up size doesn’t matter

Partner 1 gorilla walk to front endZone and back/Partner 2 LBC
Flip flop

Partner 1 crab walk/Partner 2 merkin
Flip flop

Partner 1 Spider-Man/Partner 2 lunge
Flip flop

Partner 1 bear crawl/Partner 2 CCD
Flip flop

Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to bricks and line up for people’s chair. W/bricks
2 mins. 15 sec arms to side. 15 arms out front. 15 arms over head. 5 push presses. Repeat. 10 count. Do it again

Off the wall to Mary
In Cadence
LBC no/bricks x10
Flutter w/bricks over head x10
Freddy mercury no/bricks x10
Dolly w/bricks over head x10
Rosalitas w/bricks x10
Mason twist w/bricks x10

Deposit bricks back to YHC’s vehicle.

Take a lap

Still got time. 10 burpies in your own.

Thank you to all the amazing men that came out to YHC’s first Q. You guys truly are strong physically and mentally. I listened to a radio blurb about stepping up before I got to AOP and I was blown away at how each of you accepted the challenge and beat this workout down.

Football gathering in November.
Xmas party early December. See Baracus for details
5k in rock hill for rock thrills brother. Jan

Thanks to Passport for taking us out…

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