15 Pax were subject to YHC’s quick thinking whims.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Wells Fargo parking lot for a quick warmup COP

SSH X 25

IW X 25

Merkins X 15

Slow Squats X 20

Mosey to the far wall of Loch Ballantyne

20 burpees

20 derkins

20 dips

20 wall jumps

Lap around Loch Ballantyne and a plank o rama led by Runstopper.

Mosey to the far end of the corporate park(about .5 miles away) and find a piece of rope on the dock.

Shiver Me Timbers Jack Webbs

1 merkin(with feet on the rope) + 4 push presses, 2 merkins(with feet on the rope) + 8 push presses,……10 merkins(with feet on the rope) + 40 push presses.  #crowdpleaser

Mosey to the hill up to the bridge and split into two groups.

Group 1 runs up hill and does 10 burpees while Group 2 does Mary at the bottom of the hill.Flapjack.

Group 1 bounding jumps up the hill and does 10 merkins while Group 2 does Mary at the bottom of the hill.


Mosey to the haunted woods for

20 supine pull ups

10 pull ups

20 dips


Mosey to the shores of Loch Ballantyne to walk the plank

Pax hold plank position while end man jumps over each of the planks until he reaches the end.  Each pax completed two rounds through.

Partner up for a merkin wheel barrow race.

Mosey back to Launch.



Tiger Rag led a Twitter announced pre-Kettlebell workout for YHC, Wingman, and Runstopper.  Muggsy joined in halfway through.  It was a two-handed swing ladder.  By YHC’s count, 420 swings were performed by each man.  Ouch.

As the clock struck 6 AM, there was much mumblechatter concerning the scheduled Q’s(Dolphin) absence.  YHC stepped up for the sole purpose of avoiding an additional hour of TR’s painful imagination.

In addition to many pirate themed exercises, there was additional mumblechatter of the Pax pulling of a Qtiny to avoid completing the Shiver Me Timbers Jack Webbs and during the hill runs.  #yarrrrrr

YHC likes to invent something new when given the opportunity to Q.  On such short notice, hopefully the nautically themed Jack Webbs sufficed.

During Coffeeteria, Market Timer got a text from Dolphin explaining that he had slept through his alarm.  Thank you for the opportunity to Q Stonehenge for the first time, Dolphin.  #ZZZZZZZZZ


Its been almost 36 hours since the completion of this workout so YHC has forgotten what was announced.  Sound off in the blast if you’d like to have your voice heard.

An email went out yesterday changing the venue of November 10th’s Panthers vs. 49ers meetup.  Instead of Strike City downtown, the Area 51 Pax will now be meeting at the Ballantyne Fox and Hound.

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