The 5 pax who decided to not fartsack this crisp morning made it to rebel yell to see what it had to offer. Needless to say, rebel yell does not discriminate and provides a great dance floor for a dish out of pain.
Mosey to back lot:
25 Merkins OYO. 25 SSH in cadence
25 CDD OYO. 25 IW in cadence
25 Merkins OYO. 25 slow squats in cadence
25 CDD OYO. 25 LBC in cadence
Partner up for Swiper Von Swiper. P1 does exercise; P2 runs 50 yards; flapjack until quantity met
100 wide are Merkins.
200 squats
300 Russian twists
Mosey to far end of lot with partner
P1 plank; P2 run to benches 25 dips flapjack
P1 various plank positions; 25 diamond derkins flapjack
p1 various plank positions; 25 dips flapjack
Mosey to playground for pull up ladder
Circle up for some Mary or Prison Core
12 toe reaches
6 right then 6 left
6 LBC twist to right and 6 to the left
6 oblique crunch to the right and left
12 Freddy mercury
12 superman
Repeat x3
Jog back to start.

Thanks all for coming out to Rebel Yell and allowing YHC to lead you this brisk gloomy morning. With a small group there was not a lot of chatter, but everyone was working hard. Will have to remind myself to better explain what flapjack means. Long distance and peaches too off to complete their first dips on the benches while the rest of us planked. We wondered what was taking them so long and found out that they thought flapjack meant Merkins and did 25. Strong work brothers and bonus points for the two of you.
Prison core workout at the end was a beast. Forgot to add the Russian twist into the mix, but didn’t need it. Not sure about anyone else, but YHC core is still sore. This workout will show its head again.

USMC mud run this Saturday watch out for seafood BBQ. We’ll either pass you or stick you on the grill if your in our way. Good luck to all our other F3 brothers running that day.

Convergence at the rock. All except Stonehenge.

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