Happy Birthday Mighty Mite

Happy Birthday Mighty Mite

Haggis had a tough workout planned but an impromptu celebration of the big man’s birthday turns into a walk in the park for the pax.

The Thang:

Mosey to parking lot for warm up.  27 x Side Straddle Hop.  27 x Merkins.

Mosey to first lake.  27 x Merkins.  Sprint around lake.  27 x Merkins.  (27 merkins in fast cadence now known as the Mighty Mite Merkin)

Mosey to second lake.  27 x Little Baby Crunch.  27 x Merkins.  Sprint around lake.  27 x Merkins.

Mosey to third lake.  (interlude – stop at parking lot on the way.  Line up for sprints: Sprint to end and jog back.  Sprint to end and sprint back.  Left lead karaoke out and sprint back.  Right lead karaoke and sprint back.  Backwards run out and sprint back.)

Continue mosey to third lake.  27 or so Little Baby Crunch, then 27 x Merkins.  Sprint around lake.  27 x Merkins.

Mosey to wall.  10 x slow dips.  Mosey to next wall.  10 x slow dips.

Mosey to parking lot for Mary: 27 x flutter.  15 x dolly, 15 x heels to heaven, 15 x left side raise, 15 x right side raise, 15 x Mason twist.  Ab stretch on elbows with countdown from 27 by Mighty Mite.

Sprint back to parking lot – DONE!


– Mighty Mite foolishly mentioned his birthday which gave YHC the perfect excuse for some extra punishment.

– A new exercise was born: the Mighty Mite Merkin.  27 fast count Merkins in one shot – feels great!

– The pax wanted to run more but we ran out of time.  We must have taken too many breaks.

– Next week The Pretzel takes it again.  Be ready.

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Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Thanks for the thoughtful present, Haggis! I’ll be sore from this beatdown all day long.

10 years ago

sounds like i missed a good one. be back in the mix on Monday.

Market Timer
Market Timer
10 years ago

Is Frehley’s Comet 50 yet? If not, I’ll try to be out of town on his birthday. 6 rounds of MM Merkins x 50 is no good for anyone.

10 years ago

i think his bday is in the new year.

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