Threat of Rain Never Hurt Anyone!

Threat of Rain Never Hurt Anyone!

A little spitting of rain before the launch did not deter 35 of the Nation’s faithful from posting this morning.

The Thang

Circle Up for a few words from YHC then Ball of Man

Mosey to Swiper’s House for COP

SSH x 20 then YHC called on a few guys to lead us in their exercise of choice
Crotch Rocket – Moutainclimbers x20
Stagecoach – One-Legged Burpees x 21 (Say what??!!) That’s the last time YHC will call on the Coach
Dredd – Rosalita
Swiper – Dolly
Header – Merkins then hold 6″
I’m forgetting someone – sorry

Mosey to Football field & partner up

Round 1) Partner 1 – Run 400 Partner 2 does 15 burpees then squats til P1 finishes – Flapjack
Round 2) Rinse & Repeato
Round 3) Rinse & Repeato with LBC’s in lieu of squats
Round 4) Rinse & Repeato – same as Round 3. (who’s bright idea was this exercise set anyway?!)

Circle up for some Mary
Cougar’s lead: LBC’s & Dollys (I think)
Field of Dreams Lead: Russian Twists & Freddy Mercury

Mosey to the wall for 1 minute of Peoples Chair

Run back to Shovel flag at Carmel Park.

Special welcome to FNG Big Ben for his first post. Hope you come back out.
YHC thought it would add a little variety to let some of the pax lead us in a few exercises. It worked well and may use this again. Not sure Stagecoach will be asked again after the 1-Legged Burpees though……
During Mary, lots of #MumbleChatter was heard from a few whose feelings were hurt that The Cougar and Field of Dreams got to lead 2 exercises each when they only got to lead one. #CryUsARiver
Going over to Swiper’s house brought back nightmare’s of last week’s hammy hurting chasers. Watch out for those next time he leads…..

YHC wants to thank the guys who made a point to come out this morning. It was a special day for me with it being my 1 Year F3 Anniversary. I have reflected a lot on the impact that F3 has had on my life. While I get accused by family and non-F3 friends for being #Addicted to F3, it’s not just the 1st F that has me coming out several times a week. It’s the 2nd F and the 3rd F. I have made it a point to not go to the same workouts every week. Since we live in a #Tweener location, I am as close to many #Metro workouts as #Area 51 sites. So I’ve tried to circulate around to as many as possible over the last year. Not only does that keep me from getting into a rut, it has blessed me with the opportunity to get to know so many more men. It has allowed me to get to know men from different walks of life and at different life stages. From F3 has been borne a frienship with a younger member of the Pax who asked me to mentor him 2 months ago. That has become one of the most fulfilling things that the Lord has allowed me to do recently. He thinks that he is learning from me, but I am also learning from him. And feeling a sense of responsibility to a young man who looks up to me (for some reason that I still cannot understand), this has made me more intentional about being in the Word and in fellowship with Jesus.
Lastly, I’ve been blessed to form some strong friendships with other men as well. Their friendship & encouragement helped me through a tough time when I busted my paw at the #IceRun in January. I am grateful for you guys – you know who you are. Aye

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10 years ago

Great words Skywalker. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. As I’ve said before, F3 relationships are based on dog years, so I definitely feel like I’ve know you for seven solid years. It feels like just yesterday you strolled into Skunk Works and called me Tiger Rag [not that I would remember that sort of thing a year later]. Joking aside, here you are a year later – with a reconstructed wrist, but a stronger spririt and stronger friendships! So, Happy Anniversary to you and all the other men that have leveraged F3 to improve themselves phsically, spiritually, at home and in the community. I will give you an “anniversary gift” the next time I lead a workout that we both attend.

Reply to  Skywalker
10 years ago

HC for Death Valley. SC for Joust. And the fur coat hasn’t seen the gloom yet this season… but by November it will be back in effect.

10 years ago

Aye Skywalker. Great Q today. 1 year down and many more to come. Glad to have a field named after me. #MissionComplete

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