Centurion – No Man Left Behind

Centurion – No Man Left Behind

19 men spoiled YHC’s personal workout and all for the best, you just push yourself harder when others are around, especially when on Q and some of the beasts of A51 show up.  Some early reflex exercise was gained by the pax as they dove out of the way of Passport making the literally last minute (but still on time) entrance. Since some of the beasts were in attendance, YHC had to try and up the rep count from the Weinke:

So off we went:

Jog to back lot


IW x 25

SSH x 30

Merkins x 20

Squats x 15 (low, slow, form boys, form!)

Mountain climbers x 25

CDD’s x 25

Run to Charlotte Aquatics front door

with partner:

Partner 1 Sprints the hill at top 5 burpees sprints back

Partner 2 Burpees Plank

Partner 1 Sprints hill, bear crawl back

Partner 2 Squats Plank (low, slow obviously)

Partner 1 Sprints hill, 20 CDD’s crab walk back

Partner 2 Merkins Plank

Partner 1 Sprints hill, 20 Mountain Climbers, sprints back

Partner 2 CDD’s

Jog to front picnic tables at brisk pace (well brisk for YHC anyway)

Plank it up..no wait, not all pax assembled, all pax run to the last pax and jog in with him, we don’t leave our brothers behind

With partner similar strength:

Partner 1: 20 dips

Partner 2: 15 jump ups (or step ups)


Each do 10 reverse sit ups on table with partner holding ankles down

Plank when complete

Repeato, done, great, repeato again


Run back to parking area for Mary:

Flutter x 20

Heels to Heaven x 10

Dolly x 20

Elbow plank x 30 sec

Reverse Plank x 30 sec


Freddy Mercury x 10

Dying cockroach x 10

10 Burpees oyo

While Q was getting his phone, Runstopper called (or commanded more like it), 20 merkins on his own, his challenge is everyone’s problem apparently


A great group of men this morning, and a very solid effort by the pax, some groaning over a couple of little jogs.  It was great to see the pax get into the spirit of “No Man Left Behind” as we all circled back to get the last pax and then Runstopper led the group in a cheerleader chant…don’t know where he got that from, maybe I don’t want to know but given the spirit of it all it seemed to work.  Was a good morale booster going into the picnic table work which no partner group really seemed to dominate, all teams dominated and finished each round at almost the same time.


YHC shamelessly pitches for EH’s for Base Camp and Ascent

49’er is heading up the Thunder Road marathon organization for A51 for those crazy enough for that, I strongly encourage that kind of crazy

Rock Thrill had a very noteworthy announcement, details of which follow here:

Joe Davis memorial race (Roch Thrill’s brother) and the race is to benefit Keystone, a facility which helps those suffering with addictions, find recovery.

Event is Jan. 4th, 2014 and is family oriented so m’s and 2.0’s are encourages to come also. There is a 5k and 1 mile fun run and walk and it will be held at Walter Elisha Park in downtown Fort Mill (The Fort F3 has workouts at this location if you are familiar with that). 5k is $20 through end of November and 1 mile is $10. There is also a “Sleep In” option.

Here is the link-


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