EWWE That Smell, Can’t You Smell That Smell?

EWWE That Smell, Can’t You Smell That Smell?

15 dedicated warriors of the UC entered the gloom on this fine day eagerly willing to submit their DownPainment!!!!

Tha Thang

 Mosey to field behind Middle School


  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Walkers x20
  • Mountain Climbers x20 … and hold
  • Peter Parkers x20
  • Slow Squats x20
  • Penalty burpees x5 (In honor of Chicken Dance and Hardwood dumping the fartsack a little late this am)
  • Bear crawl to the road

 Indian Run to Elem School Playground

 She Hate Me (8 mins)

  • Donkey Kicks @ swings x10
  • Pull-ups x10
  • Dips x20
  • Jump-ups xNOPE  (Audible called after PAX almost lost teeth due to slippery AO)

 Mosey to fence for a little Obstacle Practice

  • Walking Lunge length of Fence ~ 20yds
  • Alternating bound over fence until back to start
  • repeato

 Sprawling Indian Run to high school

 Hand off to Z –

Geddy up boyz because we’re going to see a man about a sick horse over at the stadium…

– Quick Mosey toward the field with burpees along the way (5, 7 &10 when you’re home).

Rail Work

– Railslides up – over – around and down the turnstile to warm up the shoulders!

Bleacher Work

– Run up the home team bleachers, run across 1/3 of the way and back down (reverse plank)

– Bearcrawl up the home team bleachers up, run 1/2 way across and back down (reverse plank with 30 dips to follow)

– Run up the home team bleachers, run the entire length of the stadium and back down.

Quick Mosey from the HS over to the Middle School

Hill Work 100’s (Partner up, size does not matter)

– Partner A runs the hill and back to relieve Partner B performing said exercise, flapjack until complete.  Each exercise = a total of 100

  • Merkins (100)
  • Wide Arm Merkins (100)
  • Diamond Merkins (yes 100 combined)

Wait, did we really leave Jack Webb Short?????

  • Finish JW from 7-10 (merkins / air presses) *crowd pleaser*

Wall Work

– People Chair (90 seconds / 60 seconds w/ 30 air presses)

Head for the VSF for some Mary

3,4,5 MOM?  QIC is O2 deprived by now and barely remember

  • Flutter X20
  • Dolly X20
  • Backscratcher X20
  • Protractor

the end


It was yet another beautiful Fall Saturday morning which really brought out an energized PAX ready to work.  Well, at least until we landed over at the HS football stadium.  As we approached, an overpowering stench like no other came upon us.  It’s been a few years since YHC has been to a HS football game so not exactly sure what goes on there these days. Countertop claimed it was from the resurfacing of the track only to be rebutted by Cottontail saying “No, I know this smell this is the result of Teenagers”.  #ctshowdown….  I’m going go with Cottontail being that the man has 10 so….

The PAX persevered and powered through until the final circuit of the stairs when QIC wanted to call out the next said exercise “in the form of a DERKIN” until Cottontail chimed in “nah man, you really going to do that?  Don’t do that”.  YHC obliged, so he called an audible and said lets leave the stairs/stadium, run some more and head for home….  The PAX quickly became energized sprinting for home not knowing what awaited them.  #doesntanyonewearawatch #werenotclosetobeingdone?  Well what’s waiting for you at home, why the hill with plenty of time left to finish STRONG!!!!!!  And finish strong the PAX did. 

Outstanding work by everyone today, especially the 2.0s: Boone Dock (2.0), Cottontail, Skillsaw (2.0), Thumper (2.0), Slide Rule (2.0)

Congratulations to “The Dream” for successfully scaling Mt. Whitney #tallestpeakinthelower48.  That is quite a feat and accomplishment brother!!!!  #uberimpressive



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