WTF…Webster’s on Q?

WTF…Webster’s on Q?


Gimpy aka Webster aka Run stopper was on Q today, and as always it was a nice easy workout for 17 men at base camp, not a lot of mumble chatter going on, but a whole lot of moans and groans.

Mosey to lower Softball fields:

  • At bottom of stairs, Bear Crawl 100 ft; Lunge walk 100 ft to bleachers 

Continue Mosey to Lower Fields Circle up for COT

  • Imperial Walkers x20
  • Mountain Climbers x15
  • Mirkens x10
  • LBC x20
  • Russian Twist x20
  • Nipplers x20 (own count) 
  • Dive Bombers x10 (own count)
  • Wide Mirkens x10
  • Prisoner Squat x20

Mosey to upper field for 3 rounds of following:

  • Dips x20
  • Laying down Pull Up x20
  • Slow Squat x20
  • Bear Crawl 100 ft
  • Lung Walk Back 100 ft  

Mosey to Lower Track:

Partner up wheel barrow from 100 yrd start line to end of bleachers (70 yards)

Flapjack change partners return to start.

Four Corners – Perform 25 exercises at each corner of the track 

  • 1st Corner – 25 Squats
  • 2nd Corner  – 25 Mirkens
  • 3rd Corner – 25 LBC
  • 4th Corner – 12 Lunges on each Leg



  • I always enjoy Qing at Basecamp, but I think Passport and Smash are using me as an incentive for the regulars to step up and Q; just sayin’ don’t mind being used, but COME ON MAN! 
  • It always makes me smile to see the men who post at Base Camp! You guys are beast; in all seriousness it’s great to see Greyhound out there ripping it up.  Many men in their 30’s can’t hold this guy’s jock strap!  #ONEOFAKIND #WARDADDY 
  • I am still nursing a sore/ pulled calf, so appreciate the patience as I shuffled or mosey to our various workout stations this morning! I’m coming back when im all better and all we are going to do is sprints and mirkens…

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