The crime bosses say and we do

The crime bosses say and we do

The shovel flag was planted and a pax of 15 including 3 2.0 gathered around to hear what YHC and dirty bird had to say. YHC took the first lead.
Jog to the track for various exercises, karaoke, high knees and a couple others. Then circle up.
Not warmed enough, 10 Burpees oyo.
SSH x25 in cadence
25 Merkins OYO
IW x25 OYO
Enough warm up, jog to the woods to the benches.
10 derkins, run out of woods, 10 Burpees, run to NC park, 10 forgers, back into woods 10 derkins. Plank until all done.
Repeat with 10 derkins, 50 LBC, 10 spartan Burpees, 10 derkins. Plank with R & L hand high until pax done.
Decided not to kill anyone off but did decide had enough of the woods.
15 jump ups, 15 dips at the stumps, LBC until all done, reverse 15 dips, 15 jump up, LBC until all done and then some until YHC says enough.
Run to the school, grab some wall.
People’s chair 90 sec.
BTTW with couple 10 counts
People’s chair 90’sec including arm presses x25 in cadence
Circle up LBC 2 min

Crime boss dirty bird takes the helm.

Trail run to plank
Mozy to grass
Jack web 1 squat 4 knees to chest 2 squat 8 knees to chest….to 6
Jack web 1 merkin 4 air press…to 7
Mozy to parking lot
100 yard agility (jog full length, shuffle half way then gave the other way, karaoke half way then face the other way, jog half, backwards for the rest, jog half, sprint the rest, sprint full length, suicide half then full, suicide 1/3 2/3, then full)
MOM (dolly x25, flutter x25, rosalita x25, side crunch x10 each side, heels to heaven to 6 inches x25) hold at end of each
Partner run (50 total rowing merkins while partner runs, flapjack)
Get in two groups for competitive sprint

A lot going on at Area 51. Bunch of kids at the school for Tae Kwon Do. Thought about who would win the war, but after seeing a bunch of kids with sticks and maybe some throwing stars better heads prevailed. Great work by the pax today. Thanks for allowing YHC and Dirty bird to lead and for all listening to their crime boss.

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