Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog

8 men gathered in the shadows of the parking lot lights of the Arbo ABC store at 0615 on Sunday morning to shake off the effects of Saturday morning workouts (or the lingering soreness of Tiger Rag’s #F3RebelYell leg annihilation) and go for a little #RumRunner stroll through Carrington and Raintree.

The Thang

  • L out of the Arbo onto 51
  • L onto Cary Ridge Dr into Carrington
  • L onto Coburn Ct
  • R onto Rosecliff Ct
  • L onto Strawberry Ln
  • R onto Woodfox Dr
  • L onto Rounding Run Rd
  • R onto Raintree Ln
  • L onto Providence Rd
  • L onto Windbluff Dr
  • R onto Raintree Ln
  • R onto 51
  • R into the Arbo


  • Our route started out innocent enough with some flat road on 51, where we shared some sidewalk with the #RunForYourLifers.
  • But then came the hills…Coburn Ct, Rosecliff Ct, Rounding Run Rd, Raintree Ln, Providence Rd from High Ridge and #F3FastTwitch’s favorite hill, Windbluff.
  • As we hit Windbluff as the sun was coming up, SoulGlow was excited to see what it looked like in the light of day…the excitement faded fast.
  • Uncle Leo summed it up so succinctly…”Hills suck. That is all.”
  • All the Pax ended up grabbing 7.2 miles at about an 8.40 pace…solid work by all the men.  Some of the men grabbed some extra credit miles: Slim Fast doubled back to grab some extra hill work, Brew missed one of our turns but linked up with Scissor Hands to run past where we stopped…then came back having knocked out 7.4 miles.  Scissor Hands, training for the Full Thunder Road, just kept running after that…rumor has it he was headed for 6 more miles or so.


  • Come out and join the Sunday morning run known as #F3Nomad.  The route will change and maybe even the launching point.  It was great out there this morning.

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