Hydra trades Burpees for Merkins – crowd pleaser

Hydra trades Burpees for Merkins – crowd pleaser

18  Strong men denied the fartsack to enter the gloom of Hydra for 45 minutes of 10 counts, but YHC had other plans, thanks to Dora’s crazy merkin challenge for September / and the Pax were going along for the ride

The Thang:

Baby Job around the track – 25 merkins (Repeat – x2)

Plank o Rama: : Regular, Right Leg/Hand High, Left Leg/Hand High, Regular

Mosey to field for COP:

  •  SSH x20
  • Merkins x 20 – crowd pleaser
  • IW x 20
  • Merkin Superset: wide (5), diamond (5), wide (5) – in cadence
  • Slow Squats x 20
  • Merkin superset: staggered right hand (5), narrow (5), staggered left (5)

Divide up into teams of three for The Gopher:

Team member 1: Track, behind playground  – 10 burpee broadjumps, 15 divebomber merkins, 20 slow flutters (rinse and repeat until your teammate arrives)

Team member 2: Concession stand area – 10 jump or step ups, 15 decline merkins, 20 dips        (rinse and repeat until your teammate arrives)

Team member 3: Start at the track with teammate #1, run to playground and do either 5 dead hang pull-ups or 10 supine pull-ups – then continue on to concession stand area to swap with team member 2.

(Rinse and repeat for 25 minutes)

Mosey back to field:

Jack Webbs 1 – 5 – another crowd pleaser

4 minutes of Mary:

  • LBC x 25
  • Dollies x 25 – hold them at the end – wide, together recover
  • Plank on hands – down to elbows – Cottonmouth 10 count (Cobains), Bugeater – 10 Count, DK – 10 Count (extra credit – was done in German)



Moleskin –

Great work by all the PAX today, really pushing themselves.  YHC loves these continuous movement workouts (as if you couldn’t already tell that); they really allow you to challenge yourself.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a great and strong group of men – it is truly an honor and privilege. Also want to give a shout out to Egypt for making it out to Hydra as not only a Hydra FNG, but a Area 51 one as well. Everyone was bringing it today.

Not a lot of chatter to be heard this morning aside from someone asking if DK was even counting to 10 to which YHC responded, yes, but it’s in German.  Only issue was, aside from DK, none of the Pax including YHC knew the German word for One. #notsurewearedone

Cobains to Cottonmouth for not letting him finish his 10 count – thought he just forgot to say 1.

SlimFast – Strong sendoff this AM.  Thanks Brother.


Announcements –

Young Life mudrun at WWC next weekend: Go here for more information: http://ylmudrun.com/

Thunder Road Half and Full Marathon – November 16th – want a strong F3 showing.  49er is Q for training in Area 51.

A new running workout, #F3Nomad launches from the ABC store at Arboretum at 6:15 am, and 7:00 am Sunday mornings –  It is for the LSR (Long Slow Run) needed to prep for the half and full marathon.

New 3rd F workout, The Stand meets at Panera at Hwy 51 and Carmel at 6:30 Fridays, right after Centurion.  Working thru the book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.

Mudrun fast approaching – October 12th.

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10 years ago

Did Egypt have any problems with the warmer climate South of the Border vs. in Metro?

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