Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette

13 Outlanders gathered in the gloom for a countdown to pain hand delivered by Abacus.

Tha Thang

COP Warmup

-SSH x20

-Imperial Walkers x20

-Slow Squats x20

-Mountain Climbersx20

-LBCs x20

-Indian Run to field behind the MS

Ark Loader

-Bear Crawl down

-Sprint back

-5 burpees

-Kong Crawl down

-Sprint back

-5 burpees

-Crab crawl down

-Sprint back

-5 burpees

-Burpee Broad Jumps

Mosey to the ramps behind the school

-Walk the Plank Right up Railing 1

-Walk the Plank Left up Railing 2

-Lunge Walk final ramp 3

Indian Run MS to HS


-Man Maker Push-ups 6,5,4,3,2,1,

-Supine Pull-ups/Inveted Rows 1,2,3,4,5,6

Pass off to Abacus

Mosey over to practice field for:

-Karaoke left across the field, karaoke right on way back

-Backpedal across field, sprint back

-High knees across field, butt kickers back

(Plank it up after each trip across & back)


Mosey over to the track for:

-Run 1 lap around track with stops in each “corner” for called exercise

–Corner 1 – Merkins x 10 IC

–Corner 2 – Squats x 10 IC

–Corner 3 – Wide-arm Merkins x 10 IC

–Corner 4 – Sister Mary Catherine’s x 10 OYO

Mosey over to soccer field & partner up (Size does not matter)

-Partner 1 sprint across field & back, Partner 2 does Merkins

-Flap jack

Rinse and repeat x 2 (w/ LBCs & Peter Parker’s)


Circle up for 6 MOM

-Dolly x 20 IC, Hold’em (crowd pleaser)

-Flutter x 20 IC, Hold’em

-Rosalita x 20 IC, Hold’em

-LBCs x 20 IC


Jog over to bottom of hill near launch point

-Everyone start on your belly, bear crawl up the hill & AYG to Old Glory for COT

Moleskin:  The PAX got to experience Abacus’ special brand of pain this Saturday in the gloom and it was not something they’ll soon forget.  A highlight of this morning’s beatdown was our exhibition tour through the stadium.  The football stadium had the gates wide open this week for a group of volunteers who were picking up litter after Friday night’s big game.   #F3Outlanders aren’t a shy bunch so we took full advantage of the open access.  To our dismay the track had been recently resurfaced with some unknown substance with the malodorous quality of a papermill.  After great debate about which PAX was at fault for the noxious odor we embraced the scent and hit the track for some running and painstations.  We must have looked intimidating because a small cluster of civilians, who had been walking around the track, hightailed it around the other side and onto the bleachers as they saw our launch onto the raceway.  We did manage to gain some fans as we moved, proven at our first painstation where we were met with cheers and encouragement by a group of onlookers. #F3PAXcelebrities  Track work being complete the PAX moved back into the fields of the big green Gym for the remainder of Saturday a.m.’s fun.  Great job by all.

Welcome to “Horsehead”, who’s name is derived from his Italian family ancestry (not) and to “The Conductor” Slicker’s 2.0 who has a love for model trains.  #F3paintrain maybe?


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Hair Band
10 years ago

Even though I couldn’t be there, I love to check the BB still and see what pain I missed. Great job guys!

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