Pre-Blast: F3TheStand

Pre-Blast: F3TheStand

Whether you are seeking a relationship with God, looking to draw closer to Him in your already existing relationship or just simply curious about what is involved in a 3rdF meeting, make plans to join us this Friday (9/13) at 6:30am at the Carmel/51 Panera Bread.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be reading and discussing the book “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymbala.  Through the book, we will explore what happens when men seek to know God and allow Him to invade their hearts and no doubt will be moved by the real stories of God’s provision and life-changing power.  And through our 3rdF discussion, we will gain strength and encouragement from one another as we deepen the bond created from our 1stF battles and the good times we share in the 2ndF.

Here are some links for purchasing the book:

But don’t worry about having the book for our first meeting…we’ll have some 2ndF and simply review a brief outline of the book.

See you after the gloom.  Aye!

– Champagne and Purple Haze


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