Relay Racing Fun

Relay Racing Fun

Aye, 14 hearty souls jumped into the gloom at Stonehenge to get the long weekend started off right. YHC enjoyed being on Q here for the first time in a while and was duly impressed by the solid effort from the pax.

The Thang

Burpees x 10 on your own
Little baby jog to Stonehenge corner for COP

– SSH x 35
– LBC x 30
– Squats x 25
– Imperial Walker x 25

Half mile jog towards Premier deck
– 10 burpees on your own along the way

Lunge walk to regather the pax and arrive at Premier Deck

People’s Chair x 2:00 with overhead press x 20
Merkins x 10
People’s Chair x 1:30 with Frankenstein hold
Merkins x 10
People’s Chair x 1:30 with parallel arm raise
Merkins x 10

Indian Run for half mile
– Had to start over since pax were running to front before previous runner was done
Pause in Dana Rader parking lot
– 10 burpess on your own
– LBC x 25
– Dolly x 20, hold ’em 10 seconds
– Dolly x 10
– 10 burpees on your own

Split in to two groups of 7
Indian Run with Burpees for half mile
– 5 Burpees and then sprint to front, rinse and repeat
Arrive at Field of Bulls
Relay Races to Bulls (@ 30 yards), same teams of 7
– Round 1: Bear crawl down and back
– Round 2: Rolling Merkins one way only
– Round 3 – Low crawl one way only
– Round 4 – Squat walk down and back
Various exercises LBCs, plank, merkins, Dolly, Rosalita while waiting to go

Little baby job back to launch point with all you got 100 yard dash along the way.


– Great work by all the pax this AM. Tried to mix things up a bit and no one missed a beat.
– Shoulder Talker – security drove by during our People’s Chair in the Premier Deck. Kept right on rolling and was obvioulsy intimated by 14 sweaty pax clad in all back. Our perhaps the growl from TR.
– Beware of The Maul – Overheard one of the pax mention rolling merkins would be a good addition to The Maul. #youvebeenwarned
– First time I have Q’d here in over a month and it has been great to see guys step up to lead workouts. That’s the point anyway. Anyone can lead #Stonehenge whenever they want, just let me know. #starfish
– Multiple double downers this week with folks double positing at #Ascent, #Day Zero and #The Rock.

– New 3rd F workout starting at Panera in Carmel Commons. If you are not going to a Thurd F workout, ask yourself why not. Let’s not lose sight of the third F!
– Blue Ridge Relay this coming weekend. Team from Charlotte South and a total of 15 F3 teams. Watch twitter for updates.
– Lastly, check in with guys you haven’t seen at a workout in a while. make sure our brothers are okay.

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