Ascent – Parner Up!

Ascent – Parner Up!

5 men showed up for Ascent alongside the virtual shovel flag (YHC had the small car today).  T Claps off the bat to Honey Bee for the Triple Down (3.5 mile run, Stonehenge and Ascent).  YHC rolled up at the very last minute (literally) since he had a hard time stopping talking after the pre Rock workout.  Nonetheless, off we went:

Mosey jog around the baseball field to circle up for:

Calf raises x 20

IW x 20

Mountain Climber x 20 (slow, full extension)

Pater Parker x 20

Squats x 15 (low slow, going past parallel, 1 per count)

Merkins x 10

Mosey to mini football field:

Alternate 10 yards bear crawl, 5 yards crab walk, lunge walk as the modify to the end

Repeato the other way

Mosey to baseball dugout for peoples chair x 2 x 30 sec

Mosey to playground to partner up

Partner Pull Ups – as many as you can do, plus partner help for 2 more x 3

Mosey to mini football field

Partner 1 runs to marker on the field and back (~50 yards)

Partner 2 CDD’s, flapjack until 100

Repeato with Flutters

Repeato with Squats (50 count only)

6 MOM:

Flutter x 15 (slow)

Dolly x 20

Mason twist x 10

Heels to Heaven x 10 (groans)

Bicycle x 10

CCVD x 10 per side

Dieing cockroach x 10 (more groans)

Mosey to playground for short he hate me

5 min of 15 dips, 15 merkins, 15 sec elbow plank

Jog to virtual shovel flag for COT


Great effort by the PAX today, an honour to lead as always.  Honey Bee pulling out the triple down (first time for that?).  Robin Hood and Pele were pushing extremely hard during the pull ups, great job guys, a personal kryptonite on that and will likely be a staple at Ascent.  Milwaukee’s Best was cranking out the merkins and CDD’s as needed like there was no tomorrow, well done!

As the sad clowns started to arrive for football there were many stares (jealousy no doubt) and the pax took that as a challenge to push a little harder than normal.

Great send off by Robin Hood, thanks for the real prep for the day.


Convergence on Monday, Honey Bee is one of the Q’s so will be fast and painful no doubt

BRR Team running next Fri/Sat so remember in prayer

Most importantly, remembering Iron Horse and family in prayer for their recent loss

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Honey Bee
10 years ago

Thanks for the shout out SB. Great Q! Pull-ups are also my kryptonite. It was good to get some dedicated work on them. See you at convergence for some pain. Aye!

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