No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Sweeteners

Many Pax escaped the fartsack for a healthy dose of pain and suffering.  Burpees, Merkins, Squats and a dash of Running were the main items on the menu and everyone cleaned their plates.

Warm up

SSH x 20

burpie x 10

IW x 20

Burpie x 10

Mountain climber x 20

Burpie x 10

run to trail, 5 burpies along the way

trail run and merkins when we finish until the last man is out of the woods

rinse, repeat with LBC till last man exits the woods

run to wall, 8 burpies along the way

Peoples chair x 1 minute

play ground circuit

Pull ups, merkins, squate, run to rock and do burpies – 5 of each

repeat x 10

repeat x 15

REPEAT x 20!

soccer field 4 corners in 2 man teams

partner 1 runs to corner, partner 2 does merkins, repeat.

partner 1 runs to next corner, partner 2 does LBC, repeat

repeat, repeat!

indian run and campus

run to rock for 10 burpies


protractor, LBC



YHC was encouraged by Hops, wild enjoying a cold beverage, to make the this mornings workout a tribute to the late, great Waler Payton but after a couple burpies I lost all sense of creativity and went to plan B: Run, burpie, run.  The two 2.0’s got off easy with a mild does of pain and then they decided to chase geese around campus, not sure if that’s a workout but they both appeared to be sweating to they passed the test.  Unfortunately, the golf course was under mainatenence so Calloway had no choise but to post, good to see you brother.  Skinner got himself a good burn in before his wife takes him downtown tonight for some good, post birthday celebrating, Happy belated 41st!  Coal Miners Daughter, otherwise know as Run CMD, brought the pain even though he’s got an empty house and could have slept in peacefully, #bachelorweekend. Joker was true to form leading the pax in trail runs and playground circuits.  If you’re not first, your last. Always strong, thanks for setting the pace.  Abacus finally got a saturday off from Q’ing A51, thanks for all the leadership lately.  Lots of stromg hussle out there this morning followed by a strong showing at DD for some 2nd F and delicious donuts.  Have a good weekend fellas.


no workouts on Monday except for the convergence at South Charlotte Middle School at 7am.  Rainbow wigs are not mandatory but they are strongly encouraged.  Bring your 2.0’s Fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbors and total stragers.  Let’s break a 100 PAX and sweat out a good burn before we load up on hot dogs and potatoe chips.

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