Ain’t Nobody Got Time for a COP

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for a COP

26 men showed up in the thick, thick air that was the gloom this am to take on the beast known as the Hydra Starfish

The Thang:

  • Run 1 lap
  • 10 burpees oyo
  • Run 1
  • 10 burpees oyo
  • Run 1
  • 15 merkins oyo

That’s enough warm up.

No COP – Ain’t nobody got time for that – we got things to do.

Mosey to the fields and number off 1- 4 to start at one of the 4 pain stations for the Hydra Starfish

Station 1 – Jump Squats (20X)

Station 2 – Pull ups (20X)

Station 3 – Jump Lunges (20X)

Station 4 – Wide Arm Merkins (20X)

Center Station – Burpees (10X)

Go from station to center then to the next station (in numerical order – more in the moleskin)

Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat – until no more time or completely smoked – which ever comes first

But wait, left a few minutes so on to Mary:

Dolly – (20X) in cadence – Hold it, wide, together, wide, together recover.

Hand Mary Q over to Bugeater to finish – #Mistake

Prairy Fire Mary – (10X) in each direction oho

Heels to Heaven – (15X) in cadence

Russian Twists – (15X) in cadence



  • YHC isn’t running BRR but is running the upcoming MudRun so wanted a workout that kept us moving the entire time to push the limits for maximum smokage.  YHC thinks that may have been achieved since it was completely quiet after about 5 minutes into the Starfish.
  • The only mumblechatter was in the beginning, when the PAX asked which direction to go, but YHC thought it was evident since the stations were numbers 1 – 4.  Granted YHC doesn’t know clockwise to counter clockwise.  #MoreDirectionsNextTime
  • The only other comments from the PAX was “how many time around”, to which YHC respond, as long as there is time. AYE constant motion = pain
  • Finally a learning opportunity for YHC – Don’t ask for help during Mary from Bugeater – that equals squeezing 4 rounds of pain in a space for one.
  • Awesome job by all the PAX today – everyone was bringing it and pushing it to the limit.  Thank you men for allowing YHC the opportunity to lead such a great group of Area51 warriors,  It was both humbling and an honor.  Thank you.
  • Also, want to call out Fletch who was still killing it 35 minutes into the Starfish, as if he had just start – Strong work Brother.


  1. New Third F workout staring September 13th, The  Stand, Panera Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire (6:30-7:15).  Q’d by Champagne and Purple Haze.
  2. A new moderate Intensity workout at OP, called Ascent, for those starting, tapering,      rehabbing, etc Saturdays at 7:00 am
  3. Young Life mudrun at the Whitewater Center, $40 adults, $35 youth, get more information here:
  4. Convergance workout 7-8 AM South Charlotte Middle
  5. Double Down opportunity on Monday – If interested bring your mountain bike to the convergence on Monday and we will be hitting Sherman Branch afterwards.
  6. IF someone knows FNG Lager’s information, please shout out in the comments below so we can get him setup on the email list.

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