I go, you go and then some

I go, you go and then some

37 dedicated pax including a FNG met at skunkworks to start the day off just right.
Mosey to the grass for our warmup
SSH x25 in cadence
20 Merkins
IW x25 in cadence
20 Merkins

The Thang: The ladder up 5,10,15,20 and down 15,10,5
2 handed swings p1 performs 5, p2 does 5, p1 10 then p2 10. While p is performing set exercise the other is doing various plank renditions. Thanks young love and run stopper.
2 handed curls with LBC
Merkins left hand on bell up the ladder, right hand on bell down the ladder with squats

Time is a wasting(audible), lets mosey to church lot for some hill work.
P1 does set exercise; p2 starts at end of parking lot, up hill, 5 Burpees then back and switch.
Windmills left and right with KB. Plank until all pax done.
Halo left then right. Plank until all done
Greg Louganis x 2. Reverse plank or table top (countertop–more on this later)
Round the world left and right. Plank until all done.
Circle up in lot for 6″ w/negative chest press x20
Run back to start with KB dangling behind you

Large group out today which is awesome to see. Thanks for allowing me to lead you this fine morning. Run stopper pulls in just before we take off, in a long sleeve, body hugging shirt. Guess he was a little cold this morning. Needless to say he was hating it when we got into the hill sprints.
During the hill sprints runstopper calls out for a reverse plank or table top until the pax are done. And from the other side of YHC I hear it’s not a table top your doing counter top. Run stopper then goes into doing a Jane Fonda with left leg up and hip thrusts, don’t forget the right leg up with hip thrusts. Needless to say we did counter top. Not sure who had more fun, him or us.

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