Every Bear for Himself!!!!

Every Bear for Himself!!!!


Here comes the Burpee BUS — 10 on your own…

Mosey around to the backside of the school and circle up by the motorcade of Cheese Wagons:


  • SSH X30
  • Merkins X10 in cadence
  • Peter Parker X15 in cadence
  • Parker Peter X15 in cadence

Loosen up those legs boys!

Mosey, Circle the school and Head for the “HILL”

Hill Work:

  • Run to the top of the hill (5 burpee ladder down) and Sprint back down
  • Bear Crawl up the hill (10 Diamond Merkins at the top) and sprint back down X5
  • Backward’s Bear Crawl up the hill and sprint back down

Catch your breath and mosey around the lot for some Rails

Rail Work:

  • Supine pull-up ladder 10X – 8X – 6X – 4X and back to 10X

SWITCH!!!!!!!  In comes Countertop

Wondering Mary

  • LBC x20
  • Bicycles x20

 Mosey to next COP   Plank until all PAX are in

  •  Back-scratchers x 20
  • Cumberland County Viaduct (x15 each side)

 Mosey to next COP   Plank until all PAX are in

  • Jackknife x 15 (hold)
  • Dolly x10

Mosey to Elementary School Playground

She Hate Me (5 mins)

  • Donkey Kicks @swings x20
  • Dips x20
  • Jump-ups x20
  •  Lunge Walk
  • Mosey back to Middle School
  • Lung Walk

The Big FINISH =– Burpees x10



9 strong “SUCKAs” entered the glooom at OUTLAND on this day not knowing what the morning’s doese of Down Painment had in store for them.  There was quite a bit of chatter #mumblechatter prior to launch about the weather and so on, and the energy was high!  However, that was quickly silenced at 6:59:59 once QIC announced let’s go, but before we do — let’s board the burpee bus and 10 on your own.

Although Hardwood admired in awe from afar last week at the recycling station, he did join the PAX for some fellowship on this day, he didn’t join us until we were half way through COP.  #youstilloweus10burpees.

Today was the first time we took advantage and used “The Hill” and it was a real crowd pleaser.  #deciptivelydeceiving.  Once we finished the Sprints, we moved on to the bearcrawl challenge.  As soon as QIC said “GO”, Chicken Dance tore out of the gate and up the hill like a Komodo Dragon.  His energy and enthusiasm encouraged us all.  #warbaby #strongbutage=24 (HATE).  Keep coming brother and we’ll keep beating you down.  Then YHC said hey, lets try this #thisisnevergood and a backwards bearcrawl up the hill ladder.  Vila responds, pfft that doesn’t sound too terribly hard.  Translation is “once was enough, call an audible and lets do something else…”

Big shout out to both Vila and The Dream though for cycling in 4-5 miles out in their fancy bike outfits #meninthights and aerodynamic headgear.

Another big shout out to Blueprint who sustained a calve injury on the hill.  However, he still managed to press on was determined to complete the workout and tracked the PAX everywhere they went.  #wecoveredalotofground

Great to see everyone out and kicking off the weekend in the right way and it’s really great to see how the site continues to grow.  Now that school will be back in session starting monday and the boyz will be coming off of vacation — the fun now really begins.

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