Ascent – Working our way up the mountain

Ascent – Working our way up the mountain

Had the pleasure of Q for 3 men who posted at the shovel flag on a beautiful Sat morning.  There were two other cars with F3 stickers but no pax emerged so off we went.


Warmup lap around the baseball field

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Merkins x 10

CDD x 15

Squat (low, slow, full range) x 15

Burpees x 5

Move to playground equipment for 7 min He Hate Me, rounds of 10 Dips, 5 Pullups, 20 LBC’s

Mosey to football field

10 yards bear crawl, 5 yards crab walk, alternating until at end of field

15 yard burpee broad jump

lunge walk to end of the field

Arm circles forward, then backwards (gotta stretch if out for what is to come)

Mosey to dugout to find some wall for People’s chair 3 x 30 sec

Mosey to playground area for Jack Webb

Jack Webb to 5, then back down again (see, stretch out the shoulders first…)

Mosey to football field for Mary

Sloooow flutters x 15

Dolly x 15

Heels to Heaven x 10

Mason Twist x 10

Bicycle x 10

CCV x 10 per side

Burpees x 5

Mosey to track

7 min of 30 sec sprint, 60 sec walk

Mosey to flag for COT


Great effort by the pax today, the Q (YHC) almost merlot’d himself today during Mary, although not sure why (vacation is definitely over).  Went a little harder at it today given that Tank and Grenade were up for it (with names like that you should be).  Grenade on the animal walk down the football field started off wanting to lunge walk and modify but in the end was the first one to the end to plank, well done!  The mystery F3 vehicles turned out to the Stone Cold and Bug Eater meeting up early for a leisurely 12 mile run as part of their BRR training, you guys are always welcome at Ascent but for the sake of the BRR, good work guys (especially since I hand off to Stone Cold and I’ve seen his leg summaries, yikes).

Guys, need to EH the sad clowns for the Fall, the weather is fantastic and you know we haven’t reached all of South Charlotte yet, this is the best opportunity to get guys out on a Sat!

We’ll be having Gummy and Iron Horse along with High Tide and YHC as Q’s in the near future, look for info Blasts on that upcoming.


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