The Fort: Security Crack Down – No Parking during Recess at the Playground

The Fort: Security Crack Down – No Parking during Recess at the Playground

48 Pax gathered in the gloom on a cool morning to enjoy a CSPAN/Santini interval session.  Unfortunately we have been informed our parking at the Springs building which is vacant, never used, and apparently a bio, ecological, and/or moral hazard will be need to cease and desist.  It is suspicious however that Rosalita might have been the instigator.  Nonetheless, The Fort will prevail and begin parking in Red Dragon’s parking lot next Saturday before the split.

The Thang:

CSPAN in lead:  Reminded us of the importance of relationships, investing in them, and thinking of the one or two relationships that we need to attend to immediately.  A series of yoga/cult exercises were then done followed by a sprint to the Playground where we attempted to kill the grass around the perimeter of the playground.  5 pullups, 10 merkins, 20 Dips, sprint – repeat 5x; Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters while your partner sprints – 3 x;  Merkins while your partner runs.  I forget how many but it was a truckload – Repeat 5x.   There was something else but I blacked out.

Santini in Lead:

Mosey to Circle; 50 Imperial Walkers; 20 Squats; 20 twist things we have not named yet in the squat position; Run to line up at the Tree; Psycho Bunnys for 30 yards.  (big bunny hop, burpee and bomb jack); Run back; 30 yards of Squnges or Bar Crawls (just named but we like both); Squat, cross lunge, squat, cross lunge – repeat.  Bear Crawl back.  Head to COT.


CSPAN challenged the Pax today with his personal story of his cousin who recently passed away.  Making sure we attend to all of those relationships in our life that we are fortunate to have God put in our path.  The PAX committed to making this a priority.  Thanks CSPAN for the reminder and the challenge.

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Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes
10 years ago

Now that was a crusher. Well done CSPAN and Santini! Way to push the pax to limit.

Senator Tressel
Senator Tressel
10 years ago

Great Q today guys. CSPAN – I let out a heavy sigh when you announced we were doing another set of ‘ring around the playground’ after finishing the second set of 5. The psycho bunny hop wasn’t much fun either, Santini.

Really liked the idea of partnering up with someone you don’t know as a way to meet the PAX.

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