Nightmare near Elm St…

Nightmare near Elm St…

{Note:  virgin Q BB posting…apologies to all 12 other PAX, as the delay in posting is in no way indicative of the MONSTER heart, will and determination shown on Monday AM! Proud of the Basecamp brothers!!}

Lucky #13 Pax decided to defeat their inner self and join the brothers on a rainy Monday morning. What happened next was far more than expected (queue sound effect “dun-dun-dun”)

The Thang:

Fireman Ed Took the helm with a brief jog to get the legs warm for COP:
– 15 SSH
– 15 Mtn Climbers
– 15 IW
– 10 Merkin
– 15 Slow Squats
– 10 Carolina Dry Docs

Searching for dry land:
To the track for some 4 corners:
– Sprint the entire track plus an additional 20 meters
– Each ¼ around, stop and donate 3 burpees
– Finish at the midfield bleachers for PLANK-O-RAMA

No dry land found, so to-heck with dry:
Mosey to center of the football field and circle up for Jack and Mary
– Jack Webb to 7
– Dolly
– Rosalita
– The “Flutta”

YHC was the given the privilege of leading the willing through a 2nd challenge… and all brought their A game!
Partner Up:

Team LBCs to 60
a) Sprints to bleacher end
b) LBCs till A returns
Flapjack till completion

Team CDD to 40
a) Backwards run to bleacher end
b) CDDs till A returns
Flapjack till completion

Team Slow Squats to 40
a) “Skips” run to bleacher end
b) Squats till A returns
Flapjack till completion
YES, I said “SKIP”…. Try it; not as easy as in 4th grade

WINNER’S PICK (Loudest Mumble Chatter and partner support in previous exercise)
Team LBC to 40
a) BearCrawl halfway to bleacher
b) till A returns
Flapjack till completion


Up against the Wall
Lunge walk to the walls… pick a spot, and prepare to assume the positions
-60 secs – Wall sits-> Rinse & Repeat
-60 secs – JumpUps -> Rinse & Repeat

To the finish
– 10 civilian count merkins
– Sprint to end of parking lot
– WINNER (actually, 3rd place finisher) chooses the number of closeout burpees (“5”)
– KNOCK OUT 5 Burpees!

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