Merkins Please!

Merkins Please!

Posted for Fireman Ed…

As the Q was trying to get his bearings after being off for a couple Saturdays, a pack of 15 men entered the gloom this morning for a beat down.

The Thang:
The warm up
Mosey to the Stonehenge

30 X SSH
25 X IW
20 X slow squats
20 X MC
10 X merkins

Light jog to parking deck with 10 X merkin break on the way

Partner up
Partner 1, runs the length of the parking garage around the putting green and back
Partner 2 does merkins
Flip flop and repeat until both partners combine to hit 200 merkins
LBCs until everyone is done

Same format
P1 runs the lap
P2 does squats
Flip flop until your team reaches 150 squats
LBCs until everyone is done

Mosey over to soccer fields
Bear crawl across sprint back,
plank up for plank exercises
Karaoke back and forth across soccer fields

Circle up for some Mary
20 X Freddy Mercury
20X Rosalita
20X Heels to heaven
20 X LBC

Stay in circle for Mr. Jack Webb
1 merkin then 4 arm air presses up to 7 merkins and 28 air presses

Line up on soccer field then quick set of suicides half way then back and all the way then back

Mosey over to the hill on the way back
Jacobs Ladder with up to 5 with burpees on top and squats on the bottom

Head back to home base with a few breaks on the way for
20X dollies
5 X merkins
LBCs on your own
Back at home base 10 burpees to end the pain

Sorry Bumble Bee, I mean Honey Bee. Great job today back Pax, you looked strong out there. Mighty Mite I believe completed 7 workouts in 6 days this week, all I can say is awesome.

Maybe next time Miss Cinder Block will make it out again.

– New workout Rebel Yell Thursday 5:30, Polo Ridge Elementary Spackler and Crabcake site Qs
– Possibility of putting a Sunday meet up for watching football, any interest see Market Timer

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