We’re Heading To Overtime

We’re Heading To Overtime

You never want to leave any valuable time on the clock.  While we had a serious smokefest today, YHC aims to please and all Pax deserve to get their 64 mins worth.  Here is how it went down:

COP @ Northwest Stonehenge
SSH x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Imperial Walker x 20

Mosey across 521 to Northeast Stonehenge
Jack Webb ladder up to 5, back down to 1

Jog to soccer field with 20 yd lunge walk and 20 yd broad jumps on the way
On the field:
10 merkins, sprint across field, 10 merkins, sprint back
20 plank in-&-outs, sprint across field, 20 plank in-&-outs, sprint back
30 mountain climbers, sprint across field, 30 MCs, sprint back

To the Premier deck:
Peoples chair; hold, then press x 50
Bear crawl across and back
Crab walk across and back

Burpee Mary ladder:
2 burpees, sprint up ramp, Russian Twist x 20
jog around corner
4 burpees, sprint up ramp to level 2, LBCs x 25  (w/ audible by Frehley for 10 merkins)
6 burpees, sprint to level 3, back scratcher x 20
8 burpees, sprint to level 4 (fresh air at top), rosalita x 20

Field work + parking deck combo was a total smoker.  #crowdpleaser

Down the steps, mosey to Aloft Hill for 6s:
Merkins at the bottom, squats at the top

Long jog back over bridge, through the woods to Loch Ness Field, Bratwurst runs planks until regroup

Loch Ness Lap:
Partner 1: dips, derkins, squats all x 10 on repeat until partner returns
Partner 2: run lap around Loch Ness, stopping half way at wall for 10 jump-ups, back to tag partner
#mumblechatter and groans as I call out last exercise with 4 mins to go and within sight of coffeteria
YHC agrees, at this point we had logged some serious lung burn, but we rock until 7 o’clock

Mosey back to home, slightly into overtime by 4 mins
COT, Tclaps, and out

Legs & lungs were on fire today.  All hit it hard.  Jamboree was tearing it up on the field.  As always, Bratwurst on the runs.  Tclaps to Big Gulp for pushing through on his first visit to Stonehenge; with a calf injury.  We covered serious mileage as usual, and first time visitors have to adjust to the huge campus…. way to push it BG.  Hope you are back to 100% soon.

Final day for round 2 order for Area51 shirts
Camp is filling up, check site for any vacancies





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10 years ago

Great lead Market Timer, but not enough running! 😉

Wing Man was moving at the deck, and Soft Pretzel really stepped it over at the soccer field. That Jamboree is sneaky quick – someone needs to join SIB on Tuesdays…

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