Is it your time to “Q” up?

Is it your time to “Q” up?

  • Are you passionate about helping F3 grow by introducing FNG’s to F3 via a moderate intensity workout?
  • Have you thought about or have you been asked to lead an F3 workout but you’re a bit hesitant or intimidated about leading one of our regular workouts?
  • Would you like to ‘ease’ into your weekend but not quite with a full-fledged ‘fartsack’?

If any or all of these apply to you, Now is Your Chance!

With the launch of our new, moderate intensity workout, Ascent, we are looking for guys to help Q or co-Q these workouts.  Ascent would like to develop a rotating roster of regular and special guest Q’s to keep the workout fresh and to prevent there being a burden on any one Q.  So, whether you’re looking for your first Q opportunity or you’re a veteran, Q’ing at Ascent is a great opportunity to give back to and help support your growing F3 community!

Reach out to either Strange Brew or High Tide (co-site Q’s for Ascent), and they will bring you up to speed and get you plugged in.

Ascent is held on Saturdays at 0700 at Olde Providence Elementary School (same location as Hydra) and is close enough to do the pre-Rock gear workout and/or the Starbucks coffeteria with our Rock/Day Zero pax afterwards.

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