Missing Q

  • When:08/01/2013
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Fetch, zipadee, purple haze, semi gloss, cottonmouth, crab cake, deep dish, gummy, taffy (2.0), Frasier, jelly finger, scissor hands, high tide, gekko (FNG), long distance, full house, backdraft, drexler

Missing Q

19 very confused PAX assembled in the shadows of OP for the Q to show..

The THANG –  

  • The thang 
  • mirken x25
  • Mt climbers x25
  • LBCs x25
  • Burpee x10
  • Prisioner Squat x25

Mosey to concession stand at baseball field

SET #1

cross fit style jump ups x10
Dips x15
Burpees x25
Sprint to light-post turn and return
Plank up until all PAX complete set

SET #2

cross fit style jump ups x20
Dips x30
Burpees x50
Sprint to light post turn and return
Plank up until all PAX complete set

Jog to playground

Burpee – wall jumps ( burpee, Jump over Fence,  burpee)  x10
Jump over x20
Pull up x20

Partner up- complete between two partners – Pull ups x100


0529, hey who is he Q? Zipadee, i dont know… Purple Haze, you got me… i checked my watch, it was 0530 and no Q.  hey everyone has a mis-function of the alarm clock, or perhaps a bug got him, either way there was no way i was going to leave the PAX waiting any longer. Sweaty already from the mile run into Hydra from Food Lion, I said follow me… The Pax gasp with excitement for what awaited the morning… All joking aside the pax did a great job!


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