Um, You are doing that wrong….I think.

Um, You are doing that wrong….I think.

15 PAX, an all time high, showed up to the finest asphalt this side of I-485 to sweat out a kettle bell beat down. I learned a few things today. 1) A VHS tape is still useful 2) The workouts must at least be average since more people keep coming 3) I didn’t exactly know the proper form for Windmills (see carefully selected image for proper form).

The Thang

45 minutes of sheer terror done in 45 second increments with 15 second transition (AKA Rest), Rinse repeat 4x w/2 minute rest between.

2 Arm swing + catch + squat + don’t knock your teeth out

Sumo Squat Press L&R (done while in the squat position)

One arm swing L & R

Windmill Left and Right

Diamond Merkins

Curls L & R

Finish with a little Mary (LBC, Freddy’s, Protractors)


I audibled out of the wheel barrows early on to save time and confusion. I was limping around this morning wondering why I hurt so badly. Light bulb! I googled kettle bell windmill to see if I had properly instructed the PAX on correct form. Alas, I most certainly did not. I did have the part right about how we have to use a kettle bell for the exercise, that’s about it. My bad. I found a suitable image that shows just the right “angle” of the motion. Honestly, this is the best picture I found.Kettlebell-windmill

I am fired up to see new faces out there, it’s all about getting outside your comfort zone. If you want to try it and don’t have gear, show up anyway we always have extra. Also, taking playlist suggestion for the VHS.

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Worldwide Leader
Worldwide Leader
10 years ago

I appreciate the visual aid!

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