Base Camp – Partner Up, Size Doesn’t Matter

Base Camp – Partner Up, Size Doesn’t Matter



The Thang:

jog around baseball field (long way round) to centre field for:

SSH x 15

Merkins x 5

IW x 15

Merkins x 5

Perfect Mtn Climbers x 10

Squats x 10 (low slow)

Merkins x 6 (in case you thought YHC was going to stop at 5)

CDD x 10

SSH x 15 (why not?)

Merkins x 5

Mosey to bleachers

Partner up – size doesn’t matter

Partner 1 – 10 Merkins, 15 Dips, 20 LBC’s and 10 Supine Pull Ups

Partner 2 – Run round baseball field (the gravel path on the outside)

Flapjack then plank up


While waiting for all PAX, 5 burpees on your own, wait we have more time? 5 burpees on your own, well if you finished early you must have the energy for 5 more burpees on your own (this might be Base Camp but there’s no standing around)

Mosey to Railing, plank walk up the railing, lunge walk down to football field

Partner 1 – backwards run to front (or back for those with energy), jog back to start

Partner 2 – 10 merkins, 10 LBC and repeat until partner 1 returns


Partner 1 – Karaoke to front (or back) of bleachers

Partner 2 – 10 slow squats, 10 something else (can’t remember)


Partner 1 – bear crawl to first football goal post peg then jog back

Partner 2 – 10 CDD, 10 Squirm


Mosey to parking lot for Mary

10 x slow flutters

10 x slow dolly

10 x slow rosalita

10 x heels to heaven

8 x mason twist


Serious effort by the PAX this morning, more running than normal at Base Camp but done in intervals and everyone not only powered through but as PAX finished had seriously positive mumblechatter for those still pushing, well done folks, keep the encouragement flowing.  Hops and Zip A Dee would have been proud.  Robin Hood and Boomer leading the way for us younger folks (pretty much everyone in Area 51 is younger than these two) at 62, it was determined that Robin Hood is 2 months older but the consensus was that at 62 it really didn’t matter and that we all hoped to be out in the gloom at 62!  Well done!  Robin Hood and Pele showing noticeable improvement in only a short time with the pax, great effort.  Dracula was looking slightly less sinister, especially on the track work.  YHC couldn’t catch Deep Dish on the baseball field runs but I did try. Passport twisted ankles left and right and suffered in silence…a GRT in the making no doubt.


Passport is taking over co-site Q duties at Base Camp from YHC – T Claps for stepping up to lead with Smash and CMD.

YHC will be partnering with High Tide to start a Saturday Moderate intensity workout, location tbd, soft launch was this last Sat with hard launch this upcoming Sat.  T Claps to High Tide for stepping up on that one.

F3 Dads at Camp Thunderbird event, more info on

Mall Cop has Area 51 T Shirts, ping him or meet him at a workout, he’s hoping to get them out of his car soon (T Claps to Mall Cop for organizing these awesome shirts)

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