Ascent – The Climb to the Top Starts NOW!

Ascent – The Climb to the Top Starts NOW!

The soft launch for Ascent has now come and gone with 6 brave PAX starting off the group, no doubt this will grow as the word gets out there and more FNG’s and other PAX look to join this august group.  Thanks to Hops for getting this kick started and also to High Tide though while not in attendance (DR at the beach but posted anyway #strong) who is co-Q’ing with YHC long term.  Final T-Claps to Mall Cop for letting Ascent leverage the Rock facility and fantastic getting the group launched and COT together, thanks again brother #hugeinspirationtome


So after all of that, I’m sure it is already enough to make Tiger Rag shed a tear…

Jog to COT:

20 SSH

15 Merkins

20 Imp Wokkas

15 CDD

10 Perfect Mtn Climbers

15 Perfect Squats (slow count)

Jog to Picnic Tables:

10 Dips

10 Step Ups (total, not per leg)

10 LBC ‘s

Plank then repeato x 3

Mosey to small hill

Reverse Merkin ladder from 5

Partner up

Partner 1: Backwards jog half of soccer field

Forwards jog back

Partner 2: First round squats, second round the squirm


On Hill – 10 Incline Merkins

Hand over to Hops

Indian run to baseball field
Positional baseball work:
Bear crawl from home to pitchers mound.
1 wide arm. Bear crawl from mound to home.
2 wide arms
Lunge walk to 1st base
3 squats
Lunge walk to 2nd base
4 squats
Bunny hop to 3rd base
5 IWs
Broad jumps to shortstop
6 monkey jumpers
High knees to left field
7 exploding merkins
Backwards run to centerfield
8 Parker Peters
Jog to left field
9 incline merkins
Mosey to rocks and grab one
People’s Chair holding rock straight out
15 overhead presses w rock
People’s chair
15 squats with rock
People’s chair
15 tricep extensions w rock
Drop rock
Jog to lot
15 line jumps L-R
15 line jumps forward-backward
1 minute of quick curb steps (now known as Canadian Riverdance in honor of Strange Brew) (ED: YHC thinks it should be against etiquette to have someone post something self depracating when it really comes from someone else)
5 MoM
Freddie Mercury’s


Great work by the PAX today, especially notable Pele and partner Hair Band on the field work were pushing it hard and Loki was flying on the baseball field.  Barqs told a story on the move the created the ambiance for an audible by Hops to do…what else, hopping work before hitting the Mary.  Thanks again to Hops for the kick start.


F3 Dads camping opportunity at Thunderbird park, sounds pretty cool, more details on the main page

Ascent will figure out it’s permanent home and will be posted online and tweeted

GO RUCK team heads out this Friday, go support the boys as they step off or come back in, I can attest to how awesome that is and YHC plans to be at least at one or the other if not both

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