Ascent – Climbing the Mountain is Hard – That’s Why You Do It!

Ascent – Climbing the Mountain is Hard – That’s Why You Do It!

Yet another Charlotte South workout is soon appearing.  From the misty mountain tops comes…Ascent.  A new moderate intensity (think Base Camp style) boot camp style workout for Saturdays.  Friends/Family/Acquaintances intimidated by the regular F3 workouts?  Recovering from an injury?  Need a less intense workout because you don’t want to fartsack but can’t stand the thought of yet another burpee – too bad, that’s not an excuse, get to a regular workout, otherwise there is Ascent.  Hops and YHC will be co-Q ing an early soft launch this Saturday from the Rock location.  The PAX will meet up at the shovel flag (assuming Mall Cop brings it this time, but not to worry YHC will have his planted just in case) before 7 and step off at the same time as the Rock PAX but for a less intense experience.  This is the week to EH those for Saturday that have been mailing in the excuses (Epstein’s mother anyone?).

Yes, climbing a mountain is hard, its supposed to be hard, that’s why it feels so good when you’ve made it.


Details: The Rock meets in the back parking lot of Calvary Church, corner of Rea and Hwy 51

Time:  Meet at 6:45, step off sharply at 7

2nd F: Coffeeteria at Starbucks in Piper Glen

Ascent will formally post at a yet to be announced location and will be co-Q’d by High Tide and Strange Brew

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