Can we get some air back here?

Can we get some air back here?

12 of Area 51’s finest hit the ground running today.  We took full advantage of all the BCC has to offer, and never looked back.  One thing it didn’t offer was some fresh air…  no breeze, and the parking deck was stifling.  Just the way we like it.  No complaining, lest you suffer through 17 days of nonstop rain.

The Thang:
SSH x 25
Mountains Climbers x 20
Squats x 15

Mosey to Loch Ness
Dips x 15 in cadence
Derkins x 10 (ic)
Dips x 10 (ic)
Derkins x 5 (ic)

Over to the grassy field
Partner 1 = 40 alternating high knees, flapjack
Partner 1 = 20 jump-ups, flapjack
Jack Webb – up to 5 merkins, 20 press, ladder back down.

Over to the BOA hill, with bridge lunge walk and bunny hop up old SPX hill on the way.
6’s on the hill: burpees up top, squats at the bottom
Bear crawl up hill, back down, 10 merkins.
Bear crawl up hill, back down, 5 merkins.

Indian Run to 521 bridge
On the bridge: peoples’ chair hold for 30, hands up for 30, then press it out x 50 (#smokedshoulders)

Jog to Premier Parking Deck
On the way, 20 yards of broad jumps.

Hit the Deck
Partner 1 = sprint up ramp to top of floor 1, 5 merkin jacks at top, sprint back.
Partner 2 = nonstop donkey kicks on wall
All pax backwards sprint up incline, 10 jumps squats, sprint back down
Bunny hop up 4 stories of parking deck stairs (dizziness ensues)

Time for Mary, with people’s choice calling out exercises:
Flutter, Dolly, LBCs (in cadence x 15)
Protractor of pain

Down to the soccer field
5 merkins, sprint half way across field, 5 merkins, sprint to end, 5 merkins
plank it up, 6 inches until pax ask for mercy
20 mountain climbers, sprint half way, 20 MCs, sprint to end, 20 MCs
6 inch #mercyplanks

Partner legs swings: 10 middle, 10 left, 10 right.  Flapjack.
YHC throws out lower back and screws up his weekend.

Mosey back to home base, with optional irrigation system cool down on the way.

COT, Ball O’ Man, out

We hit it hard today, with very little down time.  Solid performance by everyone.
The BCC has it all: lakes, walls, hills, fields, parking decks, stairs…. you name it.  If you have never
posted at Stonehenge or Bagpipe, consider a Summer Tour and make your way over.  You will
not be disappointed.

F3 Camp is less than a month away.  Check the website for details.  Sure to be a good time.  Camp Thunderbird is a great facility, and cost is very reasonable for what should be an awesome weekend with your 2.0s
Mic Check has details on Habitat For Humanity build coming up.  Contact him directly if interested.  (MC, please sound off below in comments with specifics or link if available or your contact info)

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Mic Check
Mic Check
10 years ago

Good Q MT. You had us moving all over The BCC doing a nice variety of work. Hope your back recovers quickly.

Anyone interested in joing an F3 group in Rock Hill for Habitat for Humanity contact me. It’s next Saturday July 27th from 8am to 3pm.

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