A Slight Change of Pace

A Slight Change of Pace

26 men gathered in the somewhat refreshingly cool gloom to do some work and generate some pain. Work was done and pain was had.


The Thang:

Mosey to field for COP:

Side Straddle Hops x 30

Imperial Walkers x 30

Squats x 30

Mountain Climbers x 30

LBC’s x 30 (Correct form – no crossed ankles, feet above your knees)

Merkins x 15 (?)

Plank o Rama: Regular, Right Leg/Hand High, Left Leg/Hand High, Crossed Armed Right and Left, Left and Right Arm Balboa’s

Mosey to far side of school:

Peoples Chair x 1 minute w/ arms raised

Balls to Wall: 15 second hold, 15 second hold w/ right hand high, 15 second hold w/ left hand high. Walk feet down into wall plank – 10 inverted mountain climbers

Run around front of school back to field

Exercise Set:

Squats x 100

Merkins x 100

LBC’s x 100

Exercises were completed as 10 sets of 10 of each exercise with a decreasing number of Burpees starting at 10 as a counting mechanism (10 squats/10 Merkins/10 LBC’s/10 Burpees, then the same with 9 Burpees, 8, 7, etc.)

Dolly’s x 30

Rosilita x 30

Flutter Kicks x 30 w/ 30 second hold

20 Burpees on your own (Because why not?)

* We did Macktar Jai’s x 10 somewhere in there…..no idea where though.


Moleskin –

Good work by everyone today, the heat and humidity gave us a small reprieve. Not a lot of chatter to be heard this morning, other than Tiger-Rag’s criticisms of the volume at which the cadence was called out by the Q. Duly noted, sir. #Cobains (Reference to “All Apologies” by Nirvana). Welcome to FNG Disco Duck (the DJ at the Pig Pickin’ this past Saturday), good work out there.

Announcements –

None were mentioned.

– Donkey Kong

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10 years ago

Best way to remove dew-attached grass clippings from everything you are wearing and any exposed skin (including face)? Great workout DK – it certainly tested my limits many times.

Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

If you want to find an alternative to Jack Webbs, read my blast from The Maul yesterday and read about his brother, Wack Jebb.

10 years ago

DK. — strong workout. It was a nice warmup for when I arrived home. My wife was waiting for me with our road bikes in the driveway. We cycled 75 miles. It was even hot in the shade!

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