Hamlet’s Haleys

Hamlet’s Haleys

The VSF was planted and 18 pax crossed into the DMZ.

The Thang:

·         Run to Carmel Middle – 5 carolina dry docks at each speed bump (x3) with karaoke right / left mixed in. Plank to wait on PAX.

·         To benches for dips in cadence / single derkins on your own (3x – 25/20, 20/15, 15/10).

·         Run to side parking lot for COP

o   30 SSH

o   25 Imperial Walkers

o   1 hour of Bill Haley (burpees with ¼ rotation)  1 hr = 4 burpees.

o   25 Copperhead squats

o   Circle of Death – SSH while PAX goes around circle with “hit it” – fall to ground and back up – continue SSHs (2x times around COP).

·         Run to Baseball field – round the bases with crabwalk to second base / bear crawl to home plate.  Plank to wait on PAX

·         Run to Football field – Full length run with 5 rep pain stations at each quarter mark (5×4=20) cadence count

o   1 – Maktar N’diayes

o   2 – Mountain Climbers

o   3 – Bill Haley’s (1 hr)

o   4 – Plank Jacks

·         COP for Mary (Holdem up through entire set)

o   25 Dolly

o   25 Rosalita

o   10 forward / 10 reverse Freddie Mercury

o   25 low flutter

o   20 Heels to heaven

o   Protractor

o   Drop em

·         Indian run to parking lot

·         Jail break to front of school

·         Back to Carmel Park the way we came – 5 carolina dry docks at each speed bump (x2) with karaoke right / left mixed in. Plank to wait on PAX in church parking lot.

·         1 hr of Bill Haley’s

·         COT


·         Metro – F3 dads All summer – Freedom Park by the train – 0900 Saturdays

·         Mud run trials – Mix master venue this Saturday 0630 –  Marion Diehl Center

·         F3 Dads Camp – Camp Thunderbird – Weekend of August 16th (see website).


Hamlet brought the pain from the get-go at DMZ.  YHC was hurtin’ from the off as the CDDs, then dips & derkins demanded some mumblechatter early on.  Then came COP, but it was not your momma’s COP as Hamlet threw in the Circle of Death….and there was much silence among the pax.

The 180 foot crabwalk from home plate to 2nd base was particularly unsavory – thank you very little Hamlet.

Great to have 3 FNGs with us; one of whom – Kiwi – lives in Greenville and will hopefully join the Swamp Rabbit pax in the near future.  Hope to see Love Boat and Soft Top back at DMZ among other workouts – good work fellas.

And T-claps to Hannibal for his first weekday post – strong work for the heretofore weekend-only warrior.

Nicely done Hamlet.  Look forward to you Q-ing many more DMZ sessions in the coming months.


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10 years ago

Good stuff, Hamlet. I’ll never look at an SSH the same after that Circle of Death nonsense.

10 years ago

Still having nightmare s of the dips

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