Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer

No All-Star break for the 15 men, including 2 FNGs, who launched into the Monday morning gloom at #F3BaseCamp.  Here’s the downPAINment that started the week off right.

The Thang:

Before leaving the parking lot, 5 burpees OYO.

Run down the steps and onto the centerfield grass of the first baseball field on the right for the COP.

  • Warmup:  SSHs – 15 cadence, Merkins – 15 cadence, IWs – 15 cadence, Squats – 15 cadence, LBCs – 15 cadence.
  • ~10 minutes of She Hate Me: 10 Merkins, 10 Jumping Lunges, 20 Flutters…rinse and repeat until time is called.

Mosey down to lower baseball field on the right to get some of The Beast (sort of).  Line up on the left field line and do 6 reps of the called exercise along the left field line, in centerfield, along the right field line and with stops on the way back (only 5 stops, hence the “sort of”).  But we ran a lot in between.

  • CDDs
  • Squats
  • Dollies
  • Merkins
  • Calf Raises
  • LBCs

Mosey back toward the parking lot.

  • First ramp – lunge walk up
  • Second ramp – backward lunge walk halfway up, bear crawl other half

Grab some wall at the building for some People’s chair: regular, right leg up, left leg up, tip toes and regular.

Circle up in the parking lot for some Mary: High Flutters – 15 cadence (hold it), Rosalita – 15 cadence (hold it), Protractor (crowd pleaser), Russian Twists – 15 cadence

Finish it up with 5 burpees OYO.


  • Quiet crowd…not a lot of chatter.  Not sure if it was from the She Hate Me or from a weekend that was perhaps a little too strong.
  • But it was certainly was a solid effort by all the Pax, including our two FNGs (Spinner and Homeboy).  Welcome to F3 brothers…keep coming out.  I would say it gets easier…but it doesn’t.  The pain is addictive though.
  • With the LBCs and Flutters, most of the standing water in the outfield grass was soaked up into our clothing.  #F3GroundsCrew.  Heartthrob’s white t-shirt is never going to come clean…sorry M. Heartthrob.


  • F3Dads at Camp Thunderbird in August.  Check out the website and sign up.


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