Border Patrol – Outland Launch / Area 51 Convergence

Border Patrol – Outland Launch / Area 51 Convergence

25 Dedicated men gathered in the Gloom of the Sun Valley campus from all directions.

The Thang

Warmup (middle school disc golf field)

  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Walker x20
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • Squats x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Perfect Merkins x10

Cross Campus Patrol Begins (middle school to elementary School)

  • Lunge walk through the gauntlet
  • Run campus from middle school to Playground  at Elementary School

She Hate Me @ Playground

  • Donkey Kicks
  • Dips x20
  • Jump-ups x20

Continue Patrol campus borders (elementary school to high school)

  • Indian run with sprawls to start
  • Partner Carries down the dirt path (until lead PAX calls audible)


  • Man-maker Merkins (amrap)
  • Supine pull ups x20

Pass the baton to 2nd Half Q (Zip)

  • – 1/4 mile Mosey over to the football stadium
  • – Overcome the obstacle they call a fence and get over it safely

Rail Work

  • – Everyone grab some rail for a nice leisurely rail plank walk
  • – Those not on the rail play London Bridge and bearcrawl to the front of the line.
  • *** This was an epic fail as Q did not anticipate having a PAX as large as 25 so we called an audible.

Bleacher work (Stadium Style)

  • – Sprint up the near side of the Home Team’s stadium bleachers
  • – Side shuffle left to the far side
  • – Sprint down the far side bleachers
  • – Side shuffle right to the other side


  • <Plank> followed by 20 dips in cadence

– Sprint back up the near side bleachers

  • – Sprint across to the far side
  • – Sprint (gingerly) back down

Hit the Track and mosey over to the Visiting Team’s side of the field for some more bleacher work

  • – Frontwords Bearcrawl up to the top of the stadium bleachers
  • – Sprint to the other side
  • – Mosey back down to the bottom
  • – Sprint to the other side
  • – Reverse bearcrawl up to the top of the bleachers
  • Another fail – these concrete bleachers weren’t conducive for shorties.


  • – Bunny Hop up the stadium bleachers
  • – Sprint to the other side
  • – Mosey back down to the bottom

Running short on time and the PAX is still a ways out so time to come up with an exit plan…

– 3/4 circuit around the track and hop over a 4 – 5 foot concrete/cement wall.

  • – Quick Mosey back to camp (1/4 – 1/3 mile)


  • Time for some Hendricks!!
  • JH#1
  • – Partner 1 planks
  • – Partner 2 jumps over and backwards belly crawls back up X5
  • – Flabjack and ladder down to X1

Circle up for Mary

  • – Dollies 20X (in cadence)
  • – Hold ’em
  • – Flutter 20X (in cadendce)
  • – Hold ’em
  • – O’Tannenbaum – can I get a 10 count
  • Drop ’em

Q is informed that we still have a little over a minute to go

So to close – 10 burpees on your own at the request of Donkey Kong


  • Thanks to our Area 51 brothers who made the trek to plant Outland’s shovel flag on the disc golf course beside the Sun Valley middle school.  The PAX parking in the Middle school lot and the High school lot converged in the marshy wastelands of the campus for an epic opening.
  • Farside and O’Tanenbaum made a solid showing by arriving in the Outland on peddle power.  20 miles round trip.  Strong work brothers!
  • The Tour de Stade started with a bang as the PAX scaled the fence for some fun in the bleachers.  Next time everyone is bringing ski masks and urban camouflage to avoid any undue notice from the local authorities.
  • Unfortunately we ran out of time before we had a chance to use the obstacle course but bring your gloves because it’s going to be a staple on the menu at Outland.
  • The crew mill be much smaller next week so it’ll be a great chance to invite any Indian Trail “locals” for an introduction to fun F3 style.

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