Block Party

Block Party

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(MT on behalf of Fireman Ed)

We heard there was a convergence, we thought what is better than a Block Party.  So the brethren of Ballantyne decided to throw a little pre pig pickin’ Block Party.  Into the gloom the pax 9 began the party of pain.

Warm up;

Mosey to the four corners,

25XSSH, 20XSlow squats, 15XMC, 15XIW, 15Xmerkins

The thang:

The party was now beginning to ramp up, started with a nice little reverse Indian run back over into the office park.  The person in front sprinted to the back and yelled Jenga, which sounded like a good term to use.

At the end of the run, burpees x 5; repeat 3 times.

We stopped over by Loch Ness. Then the block party’s main attraction showed up, Miss Cinder Block.  Everyone grabbed one.  Never seen anyone as excited as Freely’s Comet and Puppy Love!

To the lake, partner up;

Partner 1, runs around the lake with cinder block doing 10Xmerkins in three spots on cinder block

Partner2, 10 X step-ups each leg, 10X dips, 10 X rows each arm with cinder block.  Keep repeating until partner is back.

Then switch and repeat.

Planking exercises and then mosey over to the other side of the lake with cinder block.


Then on to fitness trail.

Round 1: 10Xpullups, 15Xdeadlifts pressing cinder block over head, 20X squats with cinder block, 25Xcurls with cinder block.

Round 2: 5Xpullups, 10Xdeadlifts, 10Xsquats, 15Xcurls

Back to field by lake, lined up. Stack all cinder blocks on one end, then pass them all down the line and stack them on the other end.  Plank and repeat.

10X merkins

Another lap around Loch Ness, no cinder block, Bratwurst was flying, great job.

5Xburpees to get loose for some Mary.

15Xflutter, 20XLBC, 12Xdolly, 15Xrosilita.

Up for 5xburpees; Back down for 15xHeals to Heaven.

Then we found out Miss Cinder Block had a last name and it is Webb.

Up to 5 merkins and 20 presses with the cinder block, ok lot of grumbling from pax so the last two sets were without Miss Cinder Block. Have to admit probably right decision as it would have fallen on my face if I kept going.

Then a real slow extremely slow mosey with some lunges and Miss Cinder Block all the way back to the starting point.



Everyone did a great job at the block party, it was a good time and maybe real soon Miss Cinder Block will come back and hang out with us.   K9 great first week since last Saturday; it will get easier and you look like you are already making strides forward.

See you all at the second party of the day, the pig pickin!
Fireman Ed

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11 years ago

Sorry to have missed the block party. Sounds a lot more fun than the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. Was hoping to brag about my time but can’t do so as it would unfortunately give false hope to the Fast Twitch Bruisers (yes, that bad). However, did finish. Knees don’t work anymore. Needed Bratwurst there as inspiration.

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