Friendly Game of Quarters

  • When:6/29/13
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Brisket, Haggis, Frehley's Comet (WD), Swiss Miss, Puppy Love, Fireman Ed, Wingman, Dolphin (QIC)

Friendly Game of Quarters

8 brave pax came out to the muggy gloom for a downPAINment at Stonehenge. While our group was smaller than normal, the intensity and effort of this group was as strong as ever.

The Thang

Little baby jog to Marriott parking lot

– Imperial Walker x 35
– Squats x 21
– 10 burpees on your own
Jog to Ledge Lake

Ledge Lake Sequence
– Step ups x 10 (each leg)
– Derkins x 10
– Dips x 10, plank when done
1/3 mile run around lake
Coin flip for next exercise
Heads = 10 burpees, Tails = 10 Jack Webbs
Heads wins
– Burpees x 10, plank when done

Rinse and Repeat with x 20 reps
Run lap around lake
Coin Flip – Heads again
Burpees x 20, plank when done

Rinse and Repeat with x 30 reps
Run lap around lake
Coin flip – Tails
Group run towards Field of Bulls
– Jack Webbs up to 30 cumulative on the way

Lunge walk 50 yards, Squat walk 50 yards, little baby jog to Field of Bulls

– LBC x 40, hold ’em x 15 seconds
– Rosalita x 20, hold ’em x 15 seconds
– Dolly x 25, hold ’em x 15 seconds
– Attenmpted “Dolphin exercise” similar to Michael Phelps #fail
– Dollylita x 25 (legs at 45 degrees)

Little baby jog 1/2 mile to parking lot for Elevens

Set of Elevens
Dive Bomb Merkins, 25 yard sprint, Jump Squats, 25 yard sprint back
– Sequential 1 DBM/10JS…..10 DBM/1JS

Rinse and Repeat but only up to 4 reps
Plank when complete

3/4 mile jog back to Ledge Lake
Coin Flip – Heads=done, Tails=1 more round
Tails wins
– Step ups x 5 (each leg)
– Derkins x 5
– Dips x 5
Coin Flip – Heads=10 burpees, Tails=0 burpees
Heads wins
– 10 burpees on your own

Little Baby Jog back to launch point


– Great work by all the pax. It was a fun workout that had a fairly steady dose of pain. Lack of #mumblechatter a certain pax referring to his age as “89” rather than 49 in COT.
– Incorporating “randomness” of coin flip was a nice twist on the workout. Will continue to incorporate in future Stonehenge posts.
– Fun to have Haggis there, felt like old times. Also, felt good to Q again and I had a great time with it. Was definitely smoked myself and certainly pushed to limits of “if you can’t Q it, don’t do it”…

– SCLT pig pickin’ on July 13th. Evite sent around again so be sure to sign up so we can get a final count.
– Check weekly email and website for new workouts in area and try to get out to a new one. #leavesafetyblanket
– Reach out to pax who haven’t posted in a while. Invite them out to reinvigorate them.


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