Quick lap around the school

Quick lap around the school

23 of the faithful showed up at Area 51 for a muggy beatdown before the day began.  Stretched, hydrated and ready – the clock struck 7 and the fun started.

The Thang:

SSH x 20

IW x 20

MC x 20

squats x 20

LBC x 20

Merkin x 10

5 berpies

4 corners of pain: x 3

run to each light post for 25 squats, merkins then Spartan Berpies – only 20 berpies per station (you’re welcome!)

Peoples chair 1 min

mosey around school for pushorama

wide arm x 8

diamond x 8

regular x 8

mosey to back of school

peter parker x 10

mosey to track for 11’s of berpies and LBC’s

mosey back to front of school – jump the rock (optional)

peoples chair 1 min

10 pullups

20 merkins

30 squats

40 dips

Rock pile

run 50 with rock, drop it, backward run 50.  run back grab your rock and run another 50

repeato – backward run with rock foreward run there and back, pick back up rock and run to finish

circle up with rock

stager arm merkiins with rock – 8 right hand, 8 left hand

diamond rock merkins x 8

mason twist with rock x 10 – OUCH

5 diamond rock merkin berpies- then ditch your rock

mosy to parking for mary

flutter x 20

lbc x 20

roas lita x 20

bicycle x 15

5 berpies – done.


Strong work by the PAX.  many moments of silence as we touched out a good bit of running between the drills but the group stayed tight (per Zip a Dee’s command of course).  Dennis the Menac and Keuchly, both 2.0’s, showed some good skills trying to knock eachother off the blance beam while we all suffered, not sure that was an excersize but it looked fun.  Boomer once again waves the War daddy flag showing everyone how to get it done at 62 – t claps.  Ocho Cinco holds the title for the fastest man on the planet, or at least at Area 51 this morning – #cheetah.  Good represenation at Coffeteria for some 2nd F.  Thanks for the commraderie, everyone – glad to share the monring with you all.


There will be no Area 51 workout on July 13.  There will be a convergence at Sun Valley High School in Indian Trail to kick off the new location and get a good old fashion beat down by Counter Top and Zip a Dee.  Be on the lookout for more details.

July 4th convergence at 7am at South Charlotte middle school at 7am.  Get  a good burn before you burn your hot dogs later in the day.

July 13 is the PIG PICKIN” BABY!!!  RSVP ASAP!!!  A DJ, BBQ, kickball, side dishes, BYOB, bring a side dish, YHC is the official GARBAGE MAN, this will be a GREAT EVENT, if your in town YOU WILL WANT TO BE THERE, please RSVP ASAP – I can’t think of anything else to CAPITALIZE,  Hope to see you there.

Lake Norman Excursion is the morning of July 13th.  Options of 25, 60 or 100 mile bike ride and a 5k run to start before you ride.  Taking place at Lowes HQ in Mooresville.  This is not an F3 sanctioned event but Burgundy is working it and we want to share the news in case anyone is up for the fun.

That’s it – Peace out.

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