Base Camp – SMASHED!

Base Camp – SMASHED!

Smashed the record PAX attendance with 24 brave souls.  SMASHED in the workout by SMASH himself.  at 5:29 as cars were still pulling into the parking lot, we gave the last of the pax another minute to assemble and then off we went to do…

Warm up:

12 side straddle hop

12 Imperial walker

10 merkins

15 prison squats

6 jumping lunges

10 mountain climbers

5 burpees

8 Carolina Dry Dock


Hit the bleachers:

20 dips on the bleachers

10 incline merkins on the railing

Repeat 3x’s


Down and back on the track:

20 prison squats

20 one foot leg stands

10 merkins

10 Carolina Dry Dock


5 mins of Mary:

10 flutter kicks

10 dollies

15 LBCs

10 bicycles


10 superman flutter kicks


Finish out strong:

Wall sits – 45 secs

10 merkins

Repeat 3x’s


Moleskin: Great effort by the PAX, including a number of FNG’s, especially noteworthy was Robin Hood (FNG – J Archer, WD at 62, RESPECT RESPECT!) who was pushing hard out there, inspiring!  We also had joining the pax and F3 for their first time, T Mattapallil (Bollywood) who was EH’d by 49’er but since Base Camp is not worthy enough for his presence he stayed at home to hear about it from Bollywood later, maybe that’s why he was able to turn in a sub 6 min mile at Fast Twitch…we had S. Jones (Butterfly) who was down the path of being named Rowdy after some swimming announcer that YHC has never heard of, before the more sensible PAX stepped in to move the name to Mr. Jones’ signature swimming stroke, hence now known at F3 as Butterfly.  From across the pond in style and elegence and a pretty strong effort to boot, JP Schoubert from France pulling down the name of Baguette (could be a strong name depending on your point of view).

Can’t let the bb go by without mentioning Briquette who is starting to look trimmer and dare I say faster, looked pretty fast on the backwards run and karaoke anyway but who showed up on the 3rd set of bleacher/post exercises to ask YHC are we only doing 1 set?  No, you are only doing 1 set, the rest of us are just finishing the 3rd set, but well done brother, must be the long drive, lucky it’s Base Camp, otherwise I’ve heard some Q’s call for 15 burpees on your own to join the PAX late.


Anyway, next week we have YHC on Q for Canada Day, join the festivities and bring a friend, Canada is known as a friendly place, Base Camp on Canada Day will be no different.


Prayer goes out to Mr Furley and family as he recovers from his stroke, Mall Cop’s been on twitter with more updates.

Quick run down of some of the weekly workouts

Looking for site co-Q’s for a potential Base Camp style Saturday workout, let Skywalker or YHC know if interested in contributing

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