The Fort: Gnat gonna do it….

The Fort: Gnat gonna do it….

32 posted this AM greeting the gnats in all their fury.  After careful calculation, 2 gulps of gnats equals a GU pack and/or half a hammer gel.  All enjoyed ample nutrition in the gloom.

The Thang:

Santini lead with SSH sequence with a headfake, Imperial walkers, Merk-Jacks (merkin with a jump up into a bomb-squat), Hemorrhoid Chairs (walking squats), Peter parkers, Parker Peters, and Mountain Climbers.  Mosey to line for Nana Farts (Decline Donkey kicks from 5 to 0, sprint Incline Burpees to 5, sprint back).  Commence Stairway to heaven (Line up, lunge 25 yards, bear crawl 25,  repeat.  Go to bottom of stairway to heaven and incline burpees from 1 to 6 running up the hill)

Handoff to Red Banjo.  Partner, split for drill bits running around  park in opposite directions.  Burpee stations of 5 each at Drlll Bit markers.  Meet halfway, do 10 merkins, run back in previous direction with Merkin stations.  Meet Partner.  Partner Pushups 10 each.  Sprint, Repeat.  Partner stations, Burpees, sprints, repeat.  Playground for alternating  pull ups and LBC’s series of 3 with partner.

Word of Truth:  Red Banjo shared the following on “Success”

Don’t let the world define your success. Don’t get caught up in all the distractions- titles, paychecks, and possessions. Remember that if we concentrate on adding value on a daily basis with our family, friends, and society success will ultimately follow.

Two quotes for today:
“Success is not a destination or an accumulation of things. It is the blessing of God”-David Kemp pastor of Fort Mill Church of God.

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather a man of value.”-Albert Einstein.

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