PreBlast – F3 Dads – Charlotte South

PreBlast – F3 Dads – Charlotte South

You have 2 more Saturdays to grab your 2.0 and bring him/her/them to F3 Dads!

WHAT:  F3 Dads is a weekly workout where Dads bring their kids (boys and girls) for some fitness and fun.  If your 2.0 can run (or you can run while carrying them) – they can come!  The workouts resemble our typical F3 workout, but are structured to be fun for kids.  We open with a COP-lite (merkins, side-straddle-hops, burpees, etc.) followed by a little fun and games (tag, duck duck goose, kickball, etc.) and close with a COT where every kid gets a nickname. 

WHEN:  0900-1000 Saturday mornings in June… rain or shine! 

WHERE:   Charlotte South – Colonel Francis Beatty Park – Flag will be planted by Softball Fields 

WHY:   Share the F3 experience with your kids!

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