Hydra kicks back with a nice cold Rolling Rock.

Hydra kicks back with a nice cold Rolling Rock.

25 men gathered in the refreshingly cool gloom to relax with a nice cold Rolling Rock. When in doubt, the answer is always 33.

The Thang:

Mosey to back parking lot for COP:

Side-Straddle Hops x 33

Imperial Walkers x 33

Merkins x 33 (11 each regular, stagger-arm right, and stagger-arm left)

The Rolling Rock: 3 stations – 3 exercises at each – 33 repetitions of each

Station 1 – The Track:

Gorilla Walks x 33

Flutter Kicks x 33

Burpees x 33

Station 2 – The Playground:

Pull-Ups x 33

LBC’s x 33

Burpees x 33

Station 3 – The Concession Stand:

Jump-Ups x 33

Mountain Climbers x 33

Burpees x 33

Mosey to Field

Plank O Rama

Jack Webbs (1 Merkin x 4 Arm-Raises) up to 5 Merkins x 20 Arm Raises

Rosilita x 33

The Dolly x 33

LBC’s x 33

Jack Webbs (5 Merkin x 20 Arm-Raises) down to 1 Merkin x 4 Arm-Raises

Run around school and line up on the field:
Bear Crawl x 30 Yards
Crab Crawl x 30 Yards
1-Legged Bear Crawl x 30 yards
Lunge Walk x 30 Yards
Plank O Rama
Burpees x 11
Total Burpee Count = 110
Moleskin –
Lots of chatter heard this morning, too busy sweating to really pick anything up, feel free to add to the moleskin below in the comments. The Q’s form during the performance of the lunge-walks was called into question by Joker by way of commenting on the Q’s perfect form – the line between Joker’s sincerity and sarcasm is a fine line indeed. The Rolling Rock came out of a comment last week by Farside in regards to the reason behind the number 33 for several of the exercises, so the natural response was to embrace it. You’re welcome.


Compass on Friday @ The Arboretum Chick-fil-A @ 6:30 AM

F3 Pig Pickin’, @ Old Providence Elementary, July 13 from 5-9 PM

F3 Dads on Saturday 6/22, Beatty Park, Time?

-Donkey Kong

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11 years ago

Yes, I found your form to be both impeccable and inspirational.

The Hoff
The Hoff
11 years ago

What was strange to me was as we were doing LBCs I could have sworn there was a bull frog close by…after intensely listening I realized it was our deep and monotone Q in cadence mode…1,2,3…1,2,3…1,2,3! Nice work today Kong

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