A Monster Named Hydra Rises Up From The Sweet Briny Gloom

A Monster Named Hydra Rises Up From The Sweet Briny Gloom

32 men gathered in the damp, thick gloom this morning to once again push mind and muscle to the limit. Hard work was done. Pain was delivered. Moisture was rapidly expelled from every pore. Oxygen was stolen from the surrounding air in rapid, gasping moments of desperation.

The Thang-

Bugeater Lead:

Mosey to track

Run 1 lap / 25 Merkins x 2

Mosey to back of school and circle up for COP:

SSH x 25

IW x 20

CDD x 15

Wide-Arm Merkins x 20

Stone Hoppers x 15

Diamond Merkins x 10

LBC x 20

Mason Twists x 20

Partner-up for Prairie Fire Mary:

30 Leg Throws – 10 Left, 10 Center, 10 Right (Flapjack)

2-Column Indian Run around school

Partner up:

Decline Merkins x 25 (Flapjack)

Old school sit-ups w/ partner planking off feet x 20 (Flapjack)

Pull-ups x 10 (Flapjack)


Donkey Kong Lead – 

3 Pain Station Rotation – On Your Own:

Station 1 – Track

Bear Crawl around track x 1 lap

Burpees x 33

Run to next Station

Station 2 – Playground

Pull-Ups x 15

Burpees x 33

Run to next Station

Station 3 – Concession Stand

Jump-Ups x 33

Decline Merkins x 33

Run back to Playground

Plank until group finishes stations

Flutter Kicks x 30

Mosey to Parking Lot for COT


Strong work by all, the humidity is really out in full force and adding a lovely new element of discomfort to the morning workout. It was hard to take notice of anything humorous or noteworthy during the workout due to the stinging sensation of sweat pouring down my face and into my eyes. If you have anything to add to the moleskin, post it in the comments below.


1. South charlotte Area 51 t-shirts: Order by June 22 on the F3 website.

2. Need 1-2 Q’s for the Saturday Rock workout the weekend before 4th of July. Contact Mallcop, Hops, or Runstopper.

3. 2nd F event – Save the date on 7/13/13 from 5-9 PM. Location: Olde Providence Elementary fields. Kickball, Corn Hole, etc. More details to come, stay tuned.


– Donkey Kong

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Mighty Mite
10 years ago

There is nothing humorous about a bear crawl lap coupled with a 33 burpee chaser. Unsavory.

Reply to  Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Not even partly humourous when trying to do bear crawl 20 paces, 5 burpees, and repeato – maybe shouldn’t have made this my 3rd rotation. Also, I now know why Mighty Mite and I were the only ones at the Food Lion on Candlewyck at 0515. The run back to there after the workout was very unsavory. Great Challenge, though!

10 years ago

Glad I fartsacked this one!!!

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
10 years ago

This one was a smoker! Very unsavory. Was there any significance to the # 33 this morning? Bear Crawl around the track with 33 burpees! Then run to the playground for 15 pullups and 33 burpees! It was like I took wore my shirt in a swimming pool and got right out of the water at the end of the workout, thats how much I sweat this morning! T-Claps on the lead DK & Bugeater.

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