Trampled by an Iron Horse then smacked with a 4×4 – Happy Saturday to ya

Trampled by an Iron Horse then smacked with a 4×4 – Happy Saturday to ya

The shovel flag was easily planted in the rain-soaked turf of The Rock, and 44 pax including 4 FNGs posted for a beatdown led by our War Daddy – Iron Horse.


Iron Horse Q –

Jog to lot closest to Rt. 51.


SSHs x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins x 20

IWs x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Mosey to soccer fields

Run ¼ field then 10 merkins

Run back

Run ½ field then 10 squats

Run back

Run full field then 10 burpees

Run back

Plankorama when finished

Run backwards full field  then 10 burpees

Run back

Shuffle ½ field, then 10 squats

Run back

Run ¼ field, then 10 merkins

Jog 1/2 perimeter of soccer fields to hill between fields and lots

One group runs up and down hill 4x while other group does:

10 Diamond merkins

10 Squat jumps

10 jumping lunges (10 each leg)

Hops Q –

Mosey to lot

4×4’s (thanks to Malko for the idea)

4 sets of 4 exercises

Merkins, Squat Jacks, CDDs, Spartan Burpees

10x for each exercise 1st set, 9x 2nd set, 8x 3rd set, 7x 4th set

Split the pax into 4 lines for Indian Run of 150 yards or so and back

Partner Up for some Mary:

Old school sit-ups; partner holds feet down while in plank – 1 minute AMRAP. Flapjack.

Prairie Fire Mary – 30 reps (10L, 10C, 10R). Flapjack

Decline Merkins x10 with feet on partner’s back while he planks. Flapjack.

Partner HSMs (Hand-slap merkins) x 10 each hand

Flutters x 13

Freddy Mercury’s x 13

Superman w/musical accompaniment led by the 2.0’s in center circle

Butterfly’s x 13

Jog to next lot over



Great crew this morning.  Iron Horse brought the pain in his first Q – great work.  Audibled on the runs, but that was for benefit of others, not for our WD/Ironman Triathlete Q.  He’ll certainly saddle up as Q again soon.

T-claps to Backdraft who posted for the 6th day in a row – strong work for the newcomer!  And happy birthday to Market Timer.  He wisely waited until COT to announce….avoiding what should have been extra pain.

Great to have our FNGs: Down Range, Tetris, Grenade and Space Cowboy out – hope all of you will be back with us soon.

Lots of mumblechatter about the gnat swarms on the soccer fields.  Thank Andrea for that you whiners.  Mumblechatter continued during 4×4’s.  Talk of 5×5’s and 6×6’s already circulating among the pax.  It’s only right to bring that back with added pain.


Thanks to MallCop and Escargot for all the work on the F3 Area51 shirts – order yours now!

Pool party at Candlewyck tonight from 6-9pm.  30+ pax HC’d with 100+ including M’s and 2.0’s.  Not too late – just come and BYOB, something to eat and $10 per family to pay for the rental and lifeguards.

F3 Dads topped 50 again this morning.   9am every Saturday in June at Francis Beaty Park.  2.0’s of any age and gender welcome with their dads.  Come check it out!






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